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Generate More Profit From Your Photography Studio Today!

Have You Always Wanted To Be A Photographer and Grow Your Studio To A Six Figure Income? Photography Resources for the Professional Photography Studio

Resources, products and information for independent photographers, photography studios and new small business entrepreneurs.

Everything you need to succeed in your own photography business is on this website, including:Using the proper digital cameras, lenses, telephoto, correct aperture and shutter speeds along with proper use of studio flash can produce exposure and  create the best selling  enlargements. Cameras from Canon, Nikon and Fuji are the most popular image makers.

  • Guides to extreme marketing techniques
  • Resources for suppliers (cameras, lenses, light meters) and production (labs, albums and retouching)
  • Pricing strategies (weddings & portraits)
  • Lessons in selling your photographs, enlargements and albums

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The Step-By-Step System To Photograph For Profits

My most popular “Six Figure Photographer” system will show you step by step how to plan, build, market, and promote your photography.

It’s guaranteed to help you increase our business!

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What if you had an easy to follow guide, that showed you exactly how to create the business of your dreams?

I've created 26 field guides that will give you year long strategies on how to market your business.

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<b>Featured Articles</b>

Additional photography blog posts

<b>Featured Articles</b>

Starting Your Own Photography Business If you’ve reached the point where you’re tired of dreaming of starting your own business, and are ready to . . . more...

Creating More Than A Job Now that you’ve decided to go into business for yourself, aren’t you ready to create a new lifestyle as . . . more...

Why You Should Capture Your Customer’s Name What’s in a name? So much potential! How are you handling every name that comes into your . . . more...

Additional photography business articles

Top 7 Profitable Upsells
Top 7 Profitable Photography UpsellsIt’s easy to increase your sales potential on every client. IF you know . . . more...
Is Buying An Existing Business Easier?
Is Buying An Existing Photography Business Easier?Buying into an existing business gets you an existing client base. It can also bring . . . more...
How To Mark Up And Price Your Photographs
The best photographer in the world will fail if she doesn’t learn how to price enlargments and prints with the ultimate profit in mind . . more...
Lessons In Selling From A Virtual Location
Lessons In Selling From A Virtual Photography Studio LocationSelling virtually is completely different than selling from a storefront. Without a commercial location, and with your client hundreds of miles away, how . . . more...
Thinking Virtually
Thinking Virtually wtih our Photography StudioWorking in a virtual environment takes a different thought process than the standard brick and mortar business. When your business can exist anywhere . . . more...
How To Make Money With Referrals
How To Make Money With Photography Studio ReferralsReferrals are the lifeline of your photography business. Getting referrals provides qualified people that already have emotional ties . . . more...
How To Find The Million Dollar Employee
How To Find The Million Dollar Photography Studio EmployeeDo you want to work in your studio business, or build a successful photography business that runs effortlessly? There is a big difference . . . more...
How To Get Customers From The Internet
How To Get Photography Customers From The InternetWhen a client contacts you after visiting your website, can you close the sale? . . . more . . . more...
The Power Of Testimonials
The Power Of Testimonials from Portrail ClientsRecommendations are by far the most valuable form of marketing. If your friend has recently gone to the movies, loved it, and recommended it to you . . . more...
The Importance Of A Thank You
The Importance Of A Thank You in running Your Photography StudioGetting repeat business from your client base is easier than you think. It just takes a few minutes of your time . . . more...
Growing Your Business
Growing Your Studio Business to Increase your ProfitWhat is the easiest way to increase your sales/profits? Increasing your business boils down to three fundamentals. . . . more...
Make Money With The Extras
Get ideas on how to package products together for extra profits, and when and where to charge more . . . more...
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