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April 24, 2007

Issue #43
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In This Issue
  • Success: What's More Important: The Photographs or the Copy?
  • Get Known:  Why are awards programs so important to a photographers resume?
  • You Said?:  What do I do next?

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What's More Important: The Photographs or the Copy?

Imagine a new client walking into your studio. They step through the doors, and look at the photographs hanging on your walls. Next they settle into a chair and page through one of your albums. Finally, they make their way back to your door, and exit your studio without ever speaking to you.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Yet that's how many photographers handle their marketing.

They create a full color brochure filled with images - yet have very little text on it to motivate the prospect to take action.

The same thing applies to their websites. They create an online portfolio, showcasing a gallery of images - yet have little or no text describing the business and their services.

Take a look at these two images:

One you'll find is just an image. The other has a story with it.

Which is more powerful to you?

While I've just written a simple story, you can see how powerful words are, and what they add to the overall storyline. The same goes for your message. Your images are nice; but if you just have images, all I can judge you on is your images. When you share your stories, I can begin to relate to you as a person.

Remember, your images are great. They set you apart from your competition. They create a message. But you also have to share your ideas in order to get your message through.

Why are awards programs so important to a photographers resume?
Does winning an award make you a better photographer? Maybe.
Does having a stack of awards make you look better to your prospects and clients? Maybe.
So why should you concentrate of getting awards?
Because awards make you feel better about yourself, and ultimately impact the way you do business.
First, lets look at how an award can make you a better photographer.
Image judging contests can occur in one of two ways: either at a seminar/expo, where you can sit in on the judging, or at the business without contact with the image takers.   Continue reading >
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- Lori Osterberg

You Said?

Q: Right now I work full time, and photograph on the weekends. I've made it my goal to become a full time photographer in 2008. I love reading your information and it lets me know I'm on the right track. What's the best thing I can do now to reach my goal?
A: In many ways, you've already accomplished a lot. You've stated you have a goal of going full time by 2008, and you're working towards your goal. I congratulate you on that.
The most important thing for you to do right now is to determine how many bookings you will need starting in January to maintain your current salary. Let's say your full time job pays you 5,000USD per month. In order to maintain your current lifestyle, your photography will have to bring in 5,000USD per month. Is that feasible with your current client base and with the current prices you charge? If not, you must either increase the amount of clients coming into your studio, or charge more for your photography.
I would also advise you to follow in other people's footsteps. Don't be afraid to use mentors. They can cut your learning curve down immensely. When we first started out, we chose to invest in a variety of classes by top names in the photography industry. And what we learned from each one of them catapulted our business. In fact, I still use mentors regularly - there's always someone out there that can provide you with the next level to your business success. (Even Tiger Woods uses a coach!
Good luck! 
- Lori Osterberg


Lori Osterberg
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