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October 18, 2007

Issue #55
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In This Issue
  • Success: Think Outside of the Box
  • Get Known:  7 Items Every Photographer's Website Should Have    
  • You Said?:  What's wrong with my website?

Think Outside of the Box
Every photographer does it.
They attend the local bridal show, and put a bunch of albums onto a table.
They put an ad into the local magazine.
They send out flyers to local lists of new mom's.
They place a stack of brochures at the local clothing store.
Are you guilty?
So if dozens (or is it hundreds?) of other photographers are doing EXACTLY what you're doing, can you expect any results different then those other photographers?
When you're just starting out, the best way to get your name out there is to follow what everyone else is doing. Why reinvent the wheel? But once you establish yourself, how do you take the next step, and become better than everyone else? How do you grow you business to new heights?
It involves thinking outside of the box. You need to come up with new ideas, things that no one else has tried, and get new business in unique and untried ways.
While many people continue to attend photography classes year after year, this will continue to get you ideas that other photographers use.
Instead, try attending seminars and expos for other industries. Like a product creation seminar. Or a scrapbooking expo. If you have a local convention center, see what shows are coming up.
Check out a women's expo or a kid's expo. Both will provide you with a ton of thoughts from many different industries, and will give your marketing a boost and fill your mind with ideas. And while you're there, get acquainted with some of the other presenters and/or vendors. Finding complimentary businesses to run special promotions with is easy when you're spending the weekend together. Make it a goal to find two partners, and then try a wide variety of ideas. It's fun - and you'll gain a new friend!

I'll be speaking at the first annual:
Global Business Opportunities Workshop

November 12-14, 2007 in Denver, Colorado
You've always dreamed of becoming a six-figure photographer. In fact, you may have invested in my Six Figure Photographer program, and are making strides in making your dreams come true.
Why not come and learn even more about funding the life of your dreams. There are many people today that travel when they want, work when they want, and create the business they want to help them live the lifestyle most can only dream of.
This is a great opportunity to hear from some of the people that have "been there, done that" - and now want to share their stories with you. And of course, I'll be there teaching you all about creating a six figure photography business - and designing a website that can help you gain visibility to work anywhere in the world.
Is this program for you?
Will I see you there?
- Lori Osterberg
7 Items Every Photographer's Website Should Have    

What are the 7 items that will help your website grow and attract new clients?
[This is taken from the article archives on VirtualPhotographyStudio.com
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You Said?
Hi Lori
I designed and updated my site a year ago, but it's still not doing anything for me. I have people occasionally tell me they like my site, but I never get any exciting leads from it. What am I doing wrong? 
Dear DE:
Think of your website like you do your brochures. In order to bring in business, what do you have to do with your brochure?
You have to network and hand it out.
You have to advertise and send it to prospects when they call.
You have to print more to always have some on hand.
You have to change it to reflect new ideas.
You have to continue networking and advertising - all the time - to bring in new clients.
It's the same with your website. It doesn't work just to build it and leave it set there. You have to work with it every day to give it exposure, change and make it grow - and get it in front of the people that will ultimately buy from you.
If you aren't working with your site in any way to market it, you're missing an incredible tool for your business. 
- Lori
Want me to analyze your website? I'll give you details on what you could be doing better to help bring in more business. Let's get started today.
Lori Osterberg
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