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November 9, 2006
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Our BIG DAY is finally here!
Andew and I are so excited to be offering you our newly updated If you haven't been there in awhile, its time to take another look. We've added amazing new tools, resources and features that will help keep you on track as a photography studio owner.
And our biggest addition is our new Six Figure Photographer. We created a six figure business in less than two years - and we want to help you do it too. Let me show you how.
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Virtual Photography Studio
"It doesn't matter what is happening to the economy, government or your industry; it matters what is going on in your imagination. If you've got a rich imagination you're going to have a rich experience."

~Mark Victor Hansen
Virtual Photography Studio
Canon has announced new firmware for the EOS 30D. This new version 1.0.5 fixes a bug which mis-reports the number of continuous shots that can be taken, and also ads a semi-gloss paper option for printing. You can install this new version by copying the update file to the Compact Flash card, and is available for Windows or Macintosh.
Developing A Six Figure Photography Business
What's the fastest way to success? Find a mentor.
And not just any mentor; but someone who's "been there, done that". In every industry there are always people that have achieved what you are hoping to achieve yourself. The key to success if finding those mentors, and following what they did. Mimic their actions and you have a sure-fire way to the top.
Once you've connected with a top mentor, there are other things you can do to ensure your success. Having a mentor is a great starting point. But having the systems in place to handle the business are also important.
1. Study the business side. As a photographer, I understand that part of the fun of owning a studio is photographing. That's what your passion is. But never forget you are running a business, and the business has to be kept in order. If your business doesn't stay in business, you won't be able to continue photographing. So make it a part of your daily process to study how to make your business a better business.
2. Implement marketing structure. If you've ever known a photographer that has gone out of business, chances are its because he didn't have enough paying clients in his studio. You can be good at photographing, but you have to be even better at marketing. Marketing is what brings the people through your doors, and ultimately turns them into paying clients. Concentrate on becoming the best marketer possible.
3. Evaluate production. In every business, there's always something you do well, and something you would prefer never to do. Every business owner wears a multitude of hats throughout the day. But a great business owner learns how to release the hats that make her miserable, and concentrate on what she does best. So if you hate accounting, hire a bookkeeper. If you hate marketing, hire a consultant. If you hate production, hire an employee. Releasing your "hate" jobs will free up time to spend doing things you love to do, and will ultimately make you better at the business.
4. Plan, plan, plan. A great business owner will have a plan in place, and know where the business is heading. She will know her goals, and monitor them throughout the year to make sure she's on track. If planning has never been easy for you, make it easy. Your plan doesn't have to be more than a page of notes. Just describe your goals for the business, and create the steps that it will take to get you to your goals.
5. Search for knowledge. Your business is like a jigsaw puzzle. It has hundreds of tiny pieces that fit together, and it's your job to finish the puzzle. Everyone starts with the first piece, and connects it to another. And continues to build from there. The only way to add another piece to your puzzle is to find out a new piece of information that will make the connection. So learn what you can, and study from the best.
You'll be amazed at what you can create.
What's On Your Mind?
Q: The holidays are fast approaching, and I always have people trying in to squeeze in last minute orders, which puts stress on me. Is there a way to avoid this?
A: I remember working up until the 24th of December, and driving to a clients location just to have her order filled. That was the last year that happened.
The easiest way to solve this problem is create your own drop dead date - a date where you can comfortably handle the work while still enjoying the holidays yourself. Then create an email or postcard, and deliver it to every client that may make a purchase this holiday season (this can also create more sales by connecting with people that just never got around to ordering). Then stick to your date. If anyone calls after the date, tell them your guaranteed date has already past, and you'll do your best - but with no guarantees. They will understand, and you won't be "the bad guy".
Do you have a question? Let me know, and maybe your question will be in a future edition.
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