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November 22, 2006
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Thanks to everyone who has ordered Six Figure Photographer - your manuals are on the way!
I'm so excited about my Six Figure Photographer series. We've reorganized the site a bit to help you discover even more information about creating a successful business - and we'll be offering more exciting opportunities in 2007. Our goal is to help 1,000 photographers in 2007 build a six figure business. Will you be one of them?
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Have you entered your site for November? We'll be picking a new winner December 1st -
it could be you!
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"Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it."

~Jack Canfield
Virtual Photography Studio
Gift card sales totaled $18.48 billion in the 2005 holiday season, and are expected to rise in 2006. What can you do to offer gift certificates to your customers and prospects?
25 Ways To Generate Leads
1. Submit your stock images to one of the many online stock agencies such as IStockPhoto. Stock companies allow you to build a bio page, and list links to other sites and information. Use this to selectively promote yourself to people that enjoy your work.
2. Send a press release to your local paper submitting a story idea. Newspapers, television, and radio shows are always on the lookout for a good storyline. Provide them with a story that's relevant to the season, and makes for good news.
3. Visit a local networking group and offer to photograph the group for the website. Many of today's networking groups have a website to promote their services. Adding photographs provide a personal touch, and will allow you to capture attention as a photographer.
4. Send out letters to your past clients with a new promotion. Your best client is a past client. Make them an offer they can't refuse.
5. Visit a local chamber of commerce and sign up for the next networking group. Your chamber of commerce offers a variety of groups for you to network with. Choose a few groups and visit them to make a handful of new connections.
6. Find a complimentary business willing to hang samples in their offices. Provide them several framed images. Because these images will potentially hand in the office for many months, make sure you use your best work, and provide top quality in both mounting and framing.
7. Post a comment on an online message board. Make sure you provide a link back to your website, yet don't blatantly sell your services. Provide good quality content, and show you know your industry well.

8. Call three prospects and promote your business. Think back over the past couple of weeks to the connections you've made. Choose the three that have the best possibility of becoming a client, and connect with them over the phone.
9. Create flyers and hand them out at a networking event. Make your flyer short and to the point. The purpose should be to make them connect with you, either by brining in a coupon, or visiting your website for more information.
10. Write an article for one of your association newsletters. Most trade publications have a shortage of quality material. Offer an article to use, and use it to educate your association members.
What's On Your Mind?
Q: I'm just starting out as a photographer, and am completely overwhelmed. Where do I start?
A: This question is really what is all about! We're hear to answer questions as you're ready for the answers.
But to get you started, just realize that a business takes time to grow. Take the time every day to learn something new, and apply it to your business. The best way to grow is by trial and error.
Keep your life simple to start. Begin with your chosen field of photography. Create a business card, and start networking to find a few clients. As you get samples, expand your brochure and website to show samples, and use these to get more clients. With every client, you'll discover something new to add to your business strategy.
Also, be willing to take advice from people that have "been there, done that". There's no point in reinventing the wheel. Instead, follow a mentor or two, and use their secrets to advance farther - faster!
Do you have a question? Let me know, and maybe your question will be in a future edition.
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