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March 28, 2007

Issue #41
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Teach A Person The Business, And You'll Feed Her For A Lifetime

What if you could make money doing what you love? And what if you could run the business on your own terms, doing what you loved anywhere in the world? Running a photography business is the perfect solution. I know from experience.

Over 13 years ago, Andrew and I were operating a small photography studio out of a small commercial location. We were doing it part time on nights and weekends, hoping for the day we could make it our full time careers. We read everything we could, attended every seminar we could, and met everyone we could. It was a lot of hard work - especially since we both worked 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday. We knew our hard work would eventually pay off, so we continued to work diligently.

The funny thing is we were working very hard, but never had a lot of results. If someone called asking for photography, no matter what field, we jumped on the lead. As a result, we ended up photographing weddings, portraits, model and fashion, commercial, products, editorial - the list went on and on. Because we were always trying new things, we never got really good at any one thing.

Then one day we "woke up". It became clear that the true leaders in the art of photography specialized. They became great at one thing, and became known for that one type of photography. So we started to follow their lead. And we've never looked back.

Flash forward two years into the future. We specialized in wedding photography, and we had clients all over the world. We enjoyed having our clients fly us to their event, celebrating with great people, and enjoying a great life. And we we're finally earning a six figure income - enough to allow us both to quit the 9 to 5 life and enjoy our own business on our own terms.

If I told you it was easy, I would be lying. But we did build it quickly, and with very little capital. Through trial and error, we found a system that helped us achieve the kind of success most only dream of.

If this sounds like your dream as well, and up until now you've never been able to make it a reality, here are the basic steps to my system:

1. Choose a specialty that you have a passion for.
What can you see yourself doing every day, and never get tired of? For us it was weddings. For you it might be product photography. Specializing will allow you to get the tools you need to do the job perfectly, and help you gain valuable contacts doing what you love.

2. Monitor your competition.
Thanks to the Internet, you can shop your competition easily. Find out what others in your field are doing with their businesses, and use it to build your own. Also, look for ways to grow your business. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Is there someone doing what you want to do?

3. Create a marketing plan.
A business can't survive without a strong marketing plan. You have to know how you are going to bring in customers, and how you will keep those customers happy.  A great photographer will go out of business without a strong marketing plan. Yet I've seen many average photographers succeed in a big way simply because they are great marketers.

4. Create your branding.
How are people going to view your business? How are they going to determine what makes you different from the others they contact? The more you can separate yourself from your competition, the easier it will be to sell. Strong branding comes to those that define their business practices as detailed as possible. Think Nike. Think Pepsi. From a photographer's perspective, think Ansel Adams. Think Anne Geddes. 

5. Determine your business practices.
The more you grow your business, the more you'll discover the details that make your business unique. The packages. The presentations. The products you use. Also concentrate on things like taking credit cards, making your website user friendly, and selling in a variety of mediums, including online.

This quick start system will help you quickly and easily build your photography business into your dream career. Our photography business really changed our lives, and allowed us to grow into successful business owners. There's a good chance you'll find a similar road to success. Read about Six Figure Photographer...


Tweak Your Way To Success
It's not always about making massive change to your business. Sometimes it's about tweaking the little things that can have a profound impact.
Have you ever looked at someone else's business, and wondered how they gained so much success? Did they find one key to unlock the magic door?
Chances are they learned the art of tweaking. Tweaking is the ability to look at what you have, and fine-tune it. It doesn't involve colossal changes. It just takes the good in your business, and makes it better.
If you've been failing in your marketing, or just can't pull in the business like you use to, chances are its because you haven't mastered the art of tweaking. Continue reading >
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What Would You Do With A Step By Step Plan?

How much more time would you have available to you during your busy day if someone was there to help you market your business?
I'll show you how to do it in an easy, step by step way!
These programs help you build a business without having to think about what the next step is. Your steps are all right there in front of you. Stop sweating the difficult stuff - and make it as easy as turning on your computer!
Business is changing rapidly. Will you be one of the success stories?

- Lori Osterberg

You Said?

Q: What's most important on a website: photography or text? I have a gallery, and use my site as my portfolio, but it isn't really doing much for me.

A: Great question. This is the number one problem I see with a lot of photographers' websites. They concentrate on the photographs, and put together dynamic galleries, yet don't do anything to describe their business.

Do you ever sell in your studio just by letting your visitors view the photographs on your wall? Of course not. You communicate with them. And that's also what your website should do - communicate with your visitors. Talk to them. Tell them about your business. Share your ideas and your thoughts. And watch your business grow!  

- Lori Osterberg


Lori Osterberg
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