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January 16, 2007
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Now that the holiday's have passed, how busy are you?
If you're looking for a way to keep your sales 'hopping' all year long, check out today's article. Every business owner looks for ways of keeping sales at a constant rate, and I'll share with you a way to get your sales moving, even if it is your slowest time.
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" The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer."

Virtual Photography Studio
More than 100 million websites are currently on the Internet, with over 3.5 million sites added during November 2006.
Source: Netcraft Web Server Survey
With cheap domain names and hosting, putting together a website has never been easier.
But making your website user friendly - and able to bring in sales - is becoming increasingly more difficult as the marketplace is flooded with new competition. Standing out from the crowd is the only way to succeed.
Bringing In Sales Even During The Slow Times
Every business has it. It's called the cyclical slow time. It may last for a month or even several months. But as a business owner, turning this time period into as short of a period as possible will help you become a stronger business.
As a business owner, you can either bring in new prospects and turn them into new clients, or you can sell to your existing client base and bring in repeat business. During your slow times, concentrate on getting repeat business from your existing client base.
Some times of the year are just easier to sell to a new client. Lets take senior portraiture for a moment. The following years' seniors start thinking about their final year of school and begin planning in May. Their schools hold fairs and begin giving them direction on everything there is to do. It's natural to plan your own photography mailings around this time frame.
If you're a studio specializing in portraits, particularly the senior market, you're busy time is predictably May through December. Come January, things start slowing down, and by the springtime, you may be wondering how to pay the bills.
Instead of spending the early months of the year planning for the new senior market, concentrate on the seniors that are about to graduate, and on your other existing clients. Your current clients know you, have worked with you, and understand your business. Create special promotions just for them. Things like:
* Selling additional wallets for friends, family and graduation announcements

* Additional portrait packages

* Cap and gown images

* Family portrait before the senior goes off to college

* Family portraiture of past clients (if you've been doing seniors for a number of years, some of your clients may be getting married, or even having babies)
Instead of trying to bring in new clients during your slow time, concentrate on building options for your existing client base. They know you and have worked with you before. They are a much easier sell - so sell to those that love what you do!
What's On Your Mind?
Q: I have a very limited budget. What's the best way to bring in new clients?
A: Growing your business can be difficult on a limited budget. Yet there are always things you can do to bring in one new client at a time.
Start by networking. Remember, your goal isn't to find someone that wants a photograph. Your goal is to find someone that can lead you to a steady stream of clients.
Each time you gain a new client, put a portion of the sales back into marketing. The only way to grow your business is by reinvesting into the business.
Do you have a question? Let me know, and maybe your question will be in a future edition.
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