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January 3, 2007
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Happy New Year.
Yep, that's Andrew standing by the stop sign at the end of our street. After two blizzards, shoveling 41 inches of snow, and dealing with temperatures below freezing for several weeks, Andrew's dreaming of the Caribbean... (me too!)
At least the snow and cold is good for one thing - keeping you in the house and working at your business. We're looking forward to sharing a lot of new ideas and tools for you this year, and helping you build your own Six Figure Business.
Let's get started.
VPS News
Virtual Photography Studio
We've just announced our January winner. Congratulations Jane and Christian!
Would you like to be our February winner? We'll be choosing a new site on February 1st -
it could be you!
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Virtual Photography Studio
"It's not the camera, but who's behind the camera."

Virtual Photography Studio
During the 56 days of the 2006 holiday season-Nov. 1 through Dec. 26-total online retail spending reached $23.11 billion, marking a
26% increase over the corresponding days in 2005, according to comScore Networks.
Source: IRNewsLink 01.02.07.
What does that mean for you? People are rapidly increasing the amount of time they spend online, and the way they shop for products and services. Being online helps convince people to do business with you.
It takes more than a simple website. Start building your online strategy, and learning how to capture the attention of people that will ultimately buy from you.
The 2006 Photography Quiz
The beginning of the year is always a time for renewal. It allows you to reflect on what you've done in the previous year, and use your analysis to put goals and objectives together for the coming year. With that in mind, I have a question for you.
Based on your results in 2006, could you improve and do even better in 2007?
I know my answer is a definite yes. Even though I did very well in 2006 and I'm happy with my results, there's always room for improvement. I know I could make little tweaks that would help me generate a lot more sales and profits. Which is why I've begun making those tweaks myself.
Spend a few minutes taking this mini quiz, and see if your business could do better in 2007.
In 2006, did you...
* Attract all the new clients you wanted?

* Try at least three new promotions?

* Develop strong marketing materials that easily converted clients from prospects to clients?

* Automate portions of your business to give you more time with your family and doing what you love?

* Ask your best clients for testimonials to use on your website and in your marketing materials?

* Design a website, and continually market it for growth outside of your neighborhood community?

* Put a referral system into place that automatically encourages clients and power partners to supply you with new leads on a continual basis?
So, how did 2006 stack up for you? Is your business in great shape, or have you determined you need a little help to make 2007 your best year yet?
Regardless of your past results, make a resolution to improve on your results this year. Whether you have been debating on starting up your photography business (get started today!), wanting to gain enough clients to move from part-time to full-time status (you can do it easily in the next few months!), or are looking for systems to put into place to make your full-time venture more profitable, will help you realize your dreams this year.
What's On Your Mind?
Q: Can you give me some ideas on what you would suggest on buying equipment (digital) for starting my new business?
A: Are you shooting weddings, commercial work, or portraits? Your first step should be to consider what type of photography you will be doing on a regular basis, and planning for that. Each field is completely different, and demands different types of equipment.
At a minimum, I would purchase two camera bodies, as many memory cards as you can afford, and one or two good lenses that can get the job done. Buying two telephoto lenses - one with a wide angle up to 70mm, and one 70-200mm will give you a wide range of coverage.
Then on the production side, a quality computer is mandatory. I prefer laptops, because I can take them with me wherever I go. You'll also need Internet access, which will give you access to your lab and provide you with a way to share your portfolio with your prospects.
Visit one of my past articles for more information on equipment choices.
Do you have a question? Let me know, and maybe your question will be in a future edition.
Are You Ready For 2007?
  • Photographer Coaching
    Do you want to take your business to the Six Figure level this year? Why not join my coaching program. I only accept 12 photographers into my program at a time, and I currently have 6 more slots available. Visit my special coaching page for more information, or send me an email and we can get started immediately. I look forward to helping you develop your own Six Figure business!