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May 8, 2007

Issue #44
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  • Success: Why would anyone pay for that?
  • Get Known:  How To Promote A Photography Business 
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 "I wish I had my own Marketing Consultant"
Have you ever sat in your studio, wondering what to do next with your business? Maybe you have a few customers trickling in, but not at a steady enough pace to allow you to do the things you really want to do.
What if you had a marketing professional right there by your side, helping you create marketing tools that will start pulling clients in? Wouldn't that be a great addition to your business? 
Now, I know what you're thinking. "I could never afford that; I really need a new lens."
But what if you doubled or even tripled your current sales levels? What would that do for you?  How much would that be worth? Think of all the lenses you could afford then!
Find out how you can have a marketing professional on your business team 
- Lori Osterberg (I currently have two openings - I would love to be on your team!)


Why would anyone pay for that?

"Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars for a few images?"

"They have a digital camera, and know the prices of photographs."
"I keep my prices low and give the digital files because my clients like it that way."
Yep, I've heard all of these stories and a whole lot more.
As a photographer, we are passionate about taking photographs. It doesn't matter if we're in the studio for 10 hours a day, or on vacation with our family, chances are there's a camera in our hand.
But when it comes to selling our work, that's where the difficulty begins. Why would anyone pay us for a photograph they could get elsewhere for less?
Let's pretend for a moment that it's Saturday night, and you are heading out to dinner with your friends. Should you go to Chili's or to Morton's Steakhouse? Both serve good food. You can have a salad at both places. You can have steak at both places. Yet the two are distinctly different.
What do you think of when you think - Chili's?
What do you think of when you think - Morton's Steakhouse?
When you head to Chili's, you know you're going to get a reasonably priced meal, and be in and out of the restaurant in under an hour (minus the wait time). You expect paper napkins, and expect quick service. It's a quaint atmosphere that lends it self to being an affordably priced fun place to eat.
But Morton's is a very different experience. You may spend an hour with an appetizer and a good bottle of wine. You linger over dinner, and enjoy good conversation. You expect quality from beginning to end - and expect to pay the price for the quality of service.
People will pay for your photography - IF you give them what they want and deserve. If you want the quick portraits where you zoom them in and out in 15 minutes, and hand over a CD with digital files, they will pay you appropriately.
But if you want to give your customers a one-on-one experience, totally unrushed and focused just on them, they too will pay for that.
What are you offering your clients? What can you do to improve your offer, and bring your sales to where you want them to be?

How To Promote A Photography Business
It takes more than handing out a few business cards to bring in enough business to create a successful studio. It takes commitment and a plan. In this article, discover ways of promoting your photography business.
Are you chasing every customer with a few bucks to spare? Or are you getting "rich in your niche"?
Starting out in photography, we tried many types of photography. In fact, I speak with photographers every day that take a lot of jobs they don't necessarily want or advertise for - but they bring in a few extra dollars. How can you turn away a client willing to spend a few dollars in your studio?
Becoming a jack-of-all-trades is not what's best for your business. Instead, focusing in on what you love best with photography will make you well known for your specialty. Think about which photographer has a better chance of getting known:
[This is taken from the article archives on VirtualPhotographyStudio.com
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* Highly Recommended *
"Why can't I get top rankings on Google?"

Do you know what your clients are typing into Google and other search engines when they are looking for you?
Do you know how to reach out to potential customers by using the search engine?
If you haven't thought about getting yourself into the search engines before, you may be missing out on one of the most exciting opportunities available to you.
You see, over 67 percent of all people head online before making a purchase. They do research, compare you to competitors and other options, and even spend time chatting with others about your industry, your product, and the best options.
Are you using every tool available to you in the online world? Do you know what can help you grow your online business faster than you ever imagined?
Gaining new clients is easy - if you understand how to utilize the Internet to your advantage. And only a few businesses will catch on and ride this wave to the top.

You Said?

Hi Lori.  How are you?
Can you help me with finding info on working with Adobe Creative Suite 7.0 Professional?  I think I may have bit off more that I can chew with this program!  
I can take an awsome picture,  but I can not seem to work with this program easily.  
What would you suggest that I need to do?  I updated my ram to 1.5 gb,  whatever that means,  and I want to be able to edit pictures easily.
Any info you and your peers can suggest,  would be very much appreciated.
Thank you very much for all the work you put into your site,   and all the great information you have given me.  I tell everyone in Canada about you and your site.
Thank You
Dear SH:
I understand - it isn't enough we learn the photography side; we also have to learn software programming as well!
If you ever have a need (or desire) to learn a new program, visit Lynda.com There you can receive online training on a wide variety of programs. And they are very reasonably priced by the month or by the year.
- Lori
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Lori Osterberg
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