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September 25, 2007

Issue #53
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In This Issue
  • Success: How To Make More Doing Exactly What You're Doing Now
  • Get Known:  The Power Of An Image   
  • You Said?:  How do I brand my business?

How To Make More Doing Exactly What You're Doing Now
I know you. You're a lot like me.
I'll bet when you are out with your family for the weekend, you bring your camera just for fun.
And I'll bet when you photograph a wedding or event, you take a lot of fun photographs just for you, even though you may not know how to sell them.
Am I right?
The great thing about taking a photograph is there is more than one way to sell it.
Have you ever considered selling your images to a stock agency?
Don't discount this idea. Sure, you might not make it big with one or two photographs. But imagine putting up a few images every week, and having just a few people buy them. You can easily bring in a two, three, even four figure amount every month with just a little bit of work.
Just because you take a photograph of a cake at a wedding doesn't mean you can't sell it to others. Just take a look at this photo, which has been downloaded 486 times. 
Or even your local stop sign can really add up. Take a look at this photo, which has been downloaded 126 times. 
At your next wedding, event, or even a day off, spend a few minutes photographing the things most people miss. The cake. The gifts. The gardens. And yes, even the stop sign.
Then head over to a stock house like iStockphoto. In just a matter of minutes, you can set up an account. Once you're approved, begin adding your favorite images. And you'll be on your way. 
Many people talk about having income from a variety of sources. This is an easy way to do it - doing what you love. Give it a try.

[If you want to give stock imagery a try, you may want to get started a little faster. Check out my step by step plan for Stock Photography.]  

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Lori Osterberg
The Power Of An Image   

Books are such a wonderful gift to the world. In a few short paragraphs, they can transform you to far off places, create settings from any place in time, and add detail to your imagination like no other source we know. When you want to disappear from reality for a few moments, the best place to go is into a nice hot tub full of bubbles with a few lit candles and a great book!
How can a few words on a page do that to you?  
[This is taken from the article archives on VirtualPhotographyStudio.com
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You Said?
How can I brand myself? I want to be known as a great baby photographer, but how do I become recognized in my local community?
Dear MH:
Branding is a little overrated, in my opinion. When people brand their businesses, or even themselves, they are hoping to be instantly recognized. Without the money level of some of the biggest names in business, that's really hard to do.
As a small business, think of branding as your image. How are you presenting yourself to the people in your community? If people refer you to a friend, what are they saying about you?
You community can be as large or as small as necessary for your success. So, if you want to be a great baby photographer, how many babies do you need to photograph every month to achieve the goals you've made for yourself?
Then set out to find a way to attract those clients.
If 30 clients per month is a perfect number for you, maybe joining a networking group will give you what you need.
If you prefer 120 clients per month, maybe you'll need a few advertisements, a few networking groups, and a few displays.
Concentrate on the image you project, and make sure your clients and referral sources understand exactly what you do. The rest will quickly fall into place.
- Lori
Lori Osterberg
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