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March 28 2008

Issue #64
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  • Success: Don't Give Your Potential Customers A Reason To Object
  • Get Known:  Tips For Getting Leads Into Your Photography Business       
  • You Said? So you want to be a destination wedding photographer?
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As you are reading this, I'll be off to Florida, enjoying Disney World and the beach for spring break. It will be the 4th time for our daughter, and she's definitely been counting down the days. I always love it too as there is just so much to do. Plus we're meeting friends, so our two girls can ride the rides together instead of with their parents. And I know it's going to be a lot warmer than Denver is at the moment. I actually saw snow flakes as I was writing this, so its definitely  time to hit the beach.

This past week I spent a great deal of time putting together April's edition of the Photography Money Club. If you've been on the fence about joining, maybe now is the time. I'll be releasing a concept that is in great demand, yet so few photographers are doing. This idea will allow you to reach out to business owners, and bring in a lot of clients in a short amount of time. I'm really excited about sharing this idea with you. Check it out

Enjoy today's article, Don't Give Your Potential Customers A Reason To Object
To your success,
Lori Osterberg


Don't Give Your Potential Customers A Reason To Object
As a photographer, you have two opportunities to sell to your prospects.
First with your website, before they contact you and begin asking their questions.
And second, after they've been romanced by your online and traditional marketing, and actually meet you in person.
The problem is too many photographers rely on getting people into the one-on-one meeting before they determine how good of a client they will be.
The truly successful photographer understands that if you can create more qualified prospects with your marketing, you'll end up with more clients that are actually paying you than meeting with you for more information.
When you meet with someone face to face, you can read their body language and overcome objections as they come up. With your marketing materials, we don't have that luxury. What you can do is build the objections into your marketing pieces, and overcome the objections before your prospect even thinks of them.
Here's how you do it.
Come up with a list of objections. Think back to your face to face meetings, and write down key points from your conversation. Here are a few predictable ones to help get you started:
1. The price is too high.
2. I'm not sure if this is right for me.
3. Maybe I'll wait and think about it.
4. I'm not sure if the timing is right.
5. I'm not sure if I can get my entire family together.
I'm sure you can come up with a lot more.
Once you have your questions, start building the answers into your marketing. You can do it as simply as a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website, or build the questions and answers into your sales letters and brochures.
Here's an example:
You see how I address a variety of questions, and demolish the negative thinking behind each one. At the end, I eliminate all objections a prospect might have.
And the only conclusion a person can make is to buy your services!
And if they make this decision based on your marketing, you're more likely to get a call booking your services as opposed to meeting you for more information. Thus freeing up your time to photograph more!
Lori Osterberg

Tips For Getting Leads Into Your Photography Business  

The one thing all business owners need to survive is leads. The more you have, the choosier you can become when selecting which leads to follow up on. Discover tips for gaining the highest quality leads possible.
Every business needs it. Every business owner makes it his or her top priority goal.

It never changes, from the moment you start your business until you close the doors for the final time. To survive, your business must bring in leads that ultimately turn into good quality, paying clients.
But how do you bring them in consistently? What methods do you use?
Well that all depends on how much business you need in your studio.
Let's say that you want to photograph thirty weddings per year. How many leads you need to generate those thirty weddings would depend on a number of factors:

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- Lori Osterberg

 You Said?
Q: What's the best way to build up the destination side of my wedding business? I've had destination wedding photographer on my site for over a year now, and I really haven't travelled outside of my community. I would love to do several weddings a year in different areas, but I'm not sure how to begin. 
Thanks - SR
Dear SR
Saying you are a destination wedding photographer, and actually becoming one are two different things.

The easiest way to become one is to work with wedding coordinators from your local community, who also happen to have a client or two in a destination location. If they trust you and like your work, they may ask you to come along. Then you can build from there.

The other is to choose a location you have the desire to work in, and start making connections with wedding professionals in that area. Being a destination wedding photographer is no different than building up your business in your local community. You have to have the connections to bring in the prospects. Without the leads, you'll never get the job.  
- Lori
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Lori Osterberg
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