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May 23 2008

Issue #68
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  • Success: The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals
  • Get Known:  Top 10 Things To Do With Your 13 Year Old Over The Summer       
  • You Said? Be The Cool Senior Photographer This Year
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What type of camera equipment are you looking at? I know you are - professionals love having new camera equipment. And yes, we're no different. We've been looking at all kinds of Canon equipment. I'll let you know when we finally make some decisions and what we buy. We're starting a new venture here soon - so of course we need some new equipment.

As we get ready for the summer, I'm restructuring my time to spend more of it outside and with our daughter, yet still having the time to get everything done. Enjoy today's articles that will give you some ideas on creating the business you've always dreamed of.

Lori Osterberg


The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals
It seems as if everyone with a camera is setting up shop and marketing themselves as a true professional. But can everyone with a camera be a professional? Can you command professional prices just because you love taking photographs?

The answer is a definite no.

Lots of people love photographing nature, but there's only one Ansel Adams.

Lots of people taking portraits, but there's only one Annie Leibovitz.

So what is the difference between an amateur and a professional? How do you know when you've reached professional status?

Lori Osterberg

 Top 10 Things To Do With Your 13 Year Old Over The Summer  

Two weeks and counting until my 7th grader enters summer vacation. When she was younger, we planned our days between morning swim team practices and afternoon s
ummer camps.

But what do you do with a 13 year old? She's too young to work; too old for most summer camps. While she is in a couple of sports camps, how can I keep her busy while I try to squeeze in a few hours of work each day?

We've got it all planned out.

1. Catch up on reading. My daughter loves books, and has accumulated a number of novels over the past year that she just couldn't squeeze in between homework assignments. We've already created a stack of must-reads that she'll be starting on soon.

2. Volunteer at the library. Our local library has a kids program that rewards summer readers. They look for teen volunteers to help run the program, so she'll be hanging out at the library a few times this summer.

P.S. I know many of you have children as well. Leave your comments on what you'll be doing with your kids this summer - I'd love to hear your ideas.


 You Said?

Q: Thanks for your ideas on senior photography, but I'm still having trouble in my local area. I've sent out my first postcard for the season - not one call so far anyway. I love photography, but I can't continue like this. Any ideas?
Thanks - DJ

Dear DJ
How did you create your postcard? Did you custom design it, or did you send a pre-made card from your local printer? With more people in the business, those pre-made cards won't give you any sales, especially if several photographers are using the same one.

One other thing to think about: Who is your target market? For the most part it's the high school senior. Yes, the mom has to bring her in and pull out the checkbook. But the senior is going to be the one that says, "Everyone is going to this studio."

The 17 year old high school student isn't looking at their mail and making decisions. They are out online, checking out their Facebook account and interacting with their friends.

Imagine a cool photographer that gives you special files just for your Facebook account.

Imagine a cool photographer that knows how to blog, and shares some of the top senior images in blog posts.

Imagine a photography studio that understands this technology, and knows how to interact online.

Is that studio you?

P.S. If you want to get started blogging, I'll show you how. Get started today.
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Lori Osterberg
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