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July 24, 2008

Issue #72
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  • Success:  Are You Facing Photographer Burn Out?
  • Get Known:  Putting Together Your Photography Studio       
  • A New Idea 10 Things I'm Reading About Photography

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It's been HOT here the past couple of weeks - just the way I like it. I love Colorado, but I do wish it would stay warm a little longer. So I guess I'll just have to enjoy the heat now. We're planning on doing some more hiking this weekend, and spend some time at the Shakespeare Festival.

In the middle of all this heat, I've been thinking about sales. Can you maintain a profitable sales level all the time? Can you bring in clients every month, no matter what the season, no matter what the weather? There's always a way to bring in clients anytime. Check out todays articles to give you ideas for your photography business.


Lori Osterberg


Are You Facing Photographer Burn Out?

Your dream has always been photographing. Your true desire is to become a full time photographer, and have the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

But somewhere along the way you've been caught up in chaos.

  • Photographing seven days of the week.
  • Having client after client purchase just the bare minimum.
  • Wondering where your next client will come from.
  • Lowering your prices because everyone else is doing it too.

    When will it all end?

Have you ever had someone tell you to double your prices and you'll actually gain more clients?

It's true.

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Putting Together Your Photography Studio  

"Do I photograph people out of my home?"
"Do I rent out a commercial location?"
"Is it possible to work entirely on location?"

Opening up a studio is a very personal choice. If you're like us, we wanted to keep our clients and our home life completely separate. I work out of my home now and love it. But I just didn't want clients coming in and out of my home at any time of the day.

So for us, it was an automatic choice to open up a studio.

But what's the best solution? Is there a right or wrong answer?

The only right answer is one that's right for you. Start by reading and taking my studio choice quiz. Then start assessing your wants and needs.

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10 Things I'm Reading About Photography 

I surf online a lot. So I thought I'd share with you some of the things I look through - things you might find interesting too.

10. Film ... or digital? I posted on this just a few days ago, and found this another interesting read on the same topic. Read Brian Auer's Is Film Dead? I especially found his poll interesting - 57 percent (at the time I looked at the results) found using film to be a steady or growing trend. Wow.

9. As a photographer you have to put your photos online, right? Why not on a social site.  (I'll be there soon.) In the mean time, check out this photo of Dubai in the fog.

8. Do you worry about theft of your photos if you put them online? Start with this great post on How Every Flickr Photo Ended Up on Sale This Weekend.

7. If you haven't had enough on  the theft of photos topic, follow this continuing discussion by Photrade.

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