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February 21 2008

Issue #62
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Spent this last Sunday at the Home and Garden show. I always love getting tips and ideas for making my outside even better. We have a quarter acre lot, and have a huge backyard filled with grass. Every year we take out another section, and add more to our garden.

This year I think we're going to add a pond/water feature. I've signed Andrew up for a do-it-yourself pond class (even if we don't do it ourselves, it's good to know all about it). Do you have any helpful tips? Watch my blog in the future - I'll be sharing our results.
If you aren't on Facebook yet, it's definitely time to join. All of my friends and mentors are there - let's meet up. Head over and check out one of my favorite photo sessions (from my first book) to see how you could use it for your business. And I'll even show you how to use it better - just become a friend and I'll share all kinds of tips with you.

Create your free profile now. Then search for me, and let's be "Facebook friends". I'm waiting to hear from you!
To your success,
Lori Osterberg


7 Ways For Photographers To Increase Sales
What is your average sale when a client comes into buy?

Are you still handing over the digital files (or worse, negatives) when a client comes in for a photo session?

As a photographer, you make your money from your finished product. If you're providing your client with the raw files, and not a finished product, you are actually doing your client a disservice. Your job as a professional photographer isn't just taking the picture and letting your client have the image. It's also about seeing what others don't see. A professional photographer has the ability to see things in unique ways, and give their client above and beyond what they could get anywhere else.

Become a Picasso
One of my favorite stories is about Pablo Picasso. Picasso was sitting in a restaurant having lunch with a friend when a woman came over and asked Picasso to create something for her on her napkin, and she would happily pay him for what it was worth. After a few minutes, he gave her back her napkin, and a bill for several thousand dollars. After the initial shock, she questioned why he could charge so much for a few minutes of work. Picasso responded the price wasn't based on the few minutes it took him to create her artwork; it was based on the years of studying, education, training, and mastering his talents. She happily paid the price.

As a photographer, your prices should reflect your talents, not the final output. Anyone can snap a photo and print it out on their home computer. Where the real talent comes from is within the photographer herself.

And by the way you present what you do to your customers.

It's easy to increase your sales potential on every client. Start with thee 7 ways to put more pizzazz into the way you market your photography.

1. Create better packages.
People like deals. And they like to get what everyone else is getting. Packages actually make the buying/selling process a whole lot easier. Your customer can bypass the ala carte section, and trying to decide exactly what they need. Instead, they'll simply buy what looks like a good deal. And if it's your best seller, why not choose what everyone else is buying? 

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Lori Osterberg

Expand your Photography with a Movie - Get inspired with your photography #9 

When was the last time you watched a movie and walked away feeling great?

Movies can inspire in many ways. How the director captured the story, what type of medium was used, angles, textures, setting and plots all play important roles. Grab your friend, spouse, or significant other and head to the theatre. Check out the latest releases or watch for the films nominated in awards, which will provide you with some thoughts on changing your next photography shoot.  - Get inspired today!
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- Lori Osterberg

 You Said?
Q: As a newbie photographer, what are some seminars you would recommend?
Thanks - RR
Dear DW
One of my favorites is coming up in March. WPPI is loaded with seminars, breakout sessions, networking events - and plenty of booths at the expo.

PPA offers courses around the world, every month of the year. Check out what they are doing at PPA.com

Unique courses in a unique setting. I love Santa Fe. This is a way to enjoy a wonderful city and learn more about photography too.
- Lori
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Lori Osterberg
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