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April 10, 2007

Issue #42
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  • Success: The 3 Ways To Increase Sales
  • Get Known:  Too Much Competition Can Create Instant Ideas For Your Photography Business
  • You Said?:  NEW: Site Critique: amamor.com

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"This new piece makes it even more valuable!"
"This was the one piece I was looking for. I wasn't quite sure if I could do it on my own, but now I have you as my backup! The tips for my brochure were amazing, and I can't wait to get it back from the printers. I know this is going to be a great year." 
Sometimes it pays to listen to your customers. Your customers will tell you what they like, what they don't like, and more importantly how to make things better. It's up to you to listen, and use their ideas to improve your own business.  
Thanks to everyone that likes the idea of my Six Figure Photographer, but wanted just a bit more. How about a personal coach to guide you through? I've added a new option that allows us to work together, one on one, and gets answers to your most important questions.  
Is this program for you?

- Lori Osterberg


The 3 Ways To Increase Sales

Every single business plays by the same rules: you only have three ways of increasing your sales.

1. Gain new clients
2. Sell more to each client per sale
3. Sell to each client again and again throughout the life of your business

As you can imagine, gaining new clients is your most expensive way of marketing. These are people that may not know you, have never heard of you, have no relationship with you, and have no reason to trust you. You have to work hard to gain their trust, and turn them into a client. According to marketing statistics, it takes up to 12 messages before a prospect notices you and turns into a client. Which means 12 postcards, 12 ads in a magazine, etc.

Once you've made contact with a prospect, and they've turned into a client, how much can you sell them? Selling isn't a bad thing - it's the only thing that will keep you in business. The key is to create packages, products and services that you love to sell, your clients love to buy, and can sell very easily. And remember to upsell all the time. Always be thinking about the McDonalds concept - "would you like fries with that?"

In order to use this method effectively, your pricing and packages have to set up to offer your customer a variety of choices. If you photograph an event and hand your clients the files, you'll never be able to upsell your client. Instead, create packages that allow your client to upgrade, and get what they truly need. (And if you feel you still have to offer your clients the digital files, make them a bonus with your highest priced package.)

Once you have a happy client, and she's satisfied with her purchase, sell to her again and again. She's already sold on you, and she's more than willing to come in again. IF you offer her the right products and services. Many businesses focus on sending out postcards and other materials trying to bring in new clients. Instead, send out materials offering your current clients other options. If you've just completed a session with her 3 month old baby, she'll definitely want a 6 month session. And if she's happy, she'll tell her friends as well.


Too Much Competition Can Create Instant Ideas For Your Photography Business
For many photographers, the idea of too much competition can leave them struggling for business. For others, it's a sign of opportunity. Learn how to take what some consider a disadvantage, and turn it into an instant success.
There's something to be said for being the best in your field. It can get bring in business all the time. And it will keep you profitable for years to come.
I hear from photographers all the time who are searching for a way to compete with the many other photographers in their niche. "What can I do to separate myself from the pack, and make good money doing what I love?"   Continue reading >
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A plan that helps you do it at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional!

Growing your business can be exciting, rewarding, exhilarating - and scary at the same time.

While you may have found new business at your local networking function, there is a new way to find business. It's called online networking, and its growing every day.
In fact, over 67 percent of all people head online before making a purchase. They do research, compare you to competitors and other options, and even spend time chatting with others about your industry, your product, and the best options.
Are you using every tool available to you in the online world? Do you know what can help you grow your online business faster than you ever imagined?

Gaining new clients is easy - if you understand how to utilize the Internet to your advantage. And only a few businesses will catch on and ride this wave to the top.

- Lori Osterberg

You Said?

Website Critique: www.amamor.com
[Thanks to all of the interest I've had in people wanting their sites critiqued. If you would like to submit your site, send me an email, and I'll add you to my list. And if I use your site and you make changes, let me know. I'd love to share that with our readers as well.
All of my critiques are for the sole purpose of helping you see what it takes to have a great website. From my perspective, your website is your sales tool - its so much more than a portfolio. So my critiques will offer suggestions on how to make it a more effective sales tool - both online and in traditional marketing arenas.
An added note, because this is my informative ezine and space is limited, I will provide you with one tip from each site I critique. I've decided to call it "The #1 Thing I Would Do" and will give you the most powerful thing I would do to the site that would have the biggest overall impact. Stay tuned - as I critique a different site in each ezine, you'll gradually learn things that you can also apply to your site. And let me know what you think - I always value your input.]

The #1 Thing I Would Do:
Make it even easier for people to contact you - and give them a reason why. I liked the overall appearance of this site, and feel it has a very strong pull towards its visitors. So now, take it to the next level, and increase the level of client that is attracted to you. As I moved around this site, I gained a lot of knowledge about what type of photography Amanda provides for her clients. But the one thing that jumped out at me more than anything was price. Every field of photography I entered immediately shared the pricing structure. But what about the images? Tell us why you photograph the way you do. What do you look for when photographing a client? Photography is about feelings and emotion. Bring your visitors into the story, and make them desire to hire you as their photographer. When price isn't the first factor people think of, you can charge more, and develop a stronger relationship with your clients.
Amanda also has made it easy for people to contact her by providing her email and phone number. But I would even take that to the next level and provide a request form that's accessible from each section of the website. A phone number requires your visitor to pick up the phone - which is hard to do at 11pm on a Saturday night. An email requires your visitor to think of something to say. But a form is easy; it requires you to fill in boxes, click on buttons, and answer a question. It's easy. And you'll ultimately get more response. 
- Lori Osterberg
[The #1 Think I Would Do shares with you my first impression of this site, and the one thing I would do to improve results immediately. If you would like to get on the fast track, and receive my 21 Point Analysis to provide you with a full guideline of things to take your site to the next level, ask me about my 21 Point Analysis. ]


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