Using Facebook Promoted Posts For Your Photography Business

Think you’re still gaining a lot of traction on Facebook simply by putting stuff into your newsfeed every day?  Think again.

This year, Facebook has rolled out with a new strategy to make money, called Promoted Posts, on both your Pages and your Personal Timeline. And while the original premise of Facebook was to allow you to quickly see what all of your friends and followers were up to, the part has now disappeared with the new newsfeed algorithm.

The newsfeed is now controlled by EdgeRank, the Facebook algorithm that factors in a variety of things when deciding what to show in your newsfeed. It looks at how often you interact with a person/page, how many people have liked that page, how many comment on it, and the type of content that is being shown. The higher the interest, the more likely it will be shown.

But even those factors alone won’t get you in front of your overall audience. Facebook itself has stated that Page posts are seen by less than 16 percent of its fans, meaning your chance of regularly influencing your audience is probably a whole lot smaller than what you thought it was.

How do you get your posts seen by more people?

The simplest way to gain traction on Facebook is to plan, create and post great information. If people like it, share it and comment on it, you will be rewarded by being more visible. In that aspect, Facebook is like Google; it wants to showcase popular, helpful, relevant material. [Read more…]