5 Things A Virtual Photography Studio Can’t Live Without

A couple of weeks ago, I announced that we were in transition phase, and were attempting to make our virtual office, well, more virtual. A lot has been happening over the past two weeks, and along the way we’ve discovered a few things we’ve transitioned into that we can’t imagine we ever lived without

Phone System

Yep, my original post a couple of weeks ago was all about Google Voice. We really love Google Voice and it allows us to be in the office no matter where we are or what phone we choose to use. But what we like even more is not needing a landline. No more phone bills with a ton of taxes and fees when we very rarely use it. Now everything is fed through Google Voice to one of our mobiles, or to our VoIP system (we use ooma). [Read more…]

Tell A Story with Focus For Humanity

A true photojournalist heads into the roughest conditions, the most unreachable places, and tells a story for the rest of the world to see.

Think about the images you’ve seen grace the covers of magazines like National Geographic. They can be truly breathtaking, and leave you in awe of what that part of the world must be like.

While that type of photography isn’t for everyone, you have to admire those that choose that type of lifestyle.

Focus For Humanity is an organization that offers grants and awards to photographers that choose to make this a lifestyle. Their mission is to provide financial support, resources and training for professional and amateur photographers who capture stories of shared humanity and support their work with various non-governmental organizations throughout the world.

Start by looking through the recent winners – the images there are inspiring. Then check out some of the other areas, they provide detailed information on grants, awards and mentoring.

Starting in April, they will be offering a mentorship program in which they will help you get started in this line of photography. Because expertise and guidance is what can help you achieve your goals in a much quicker fashion, their mentorship program pairs you up with someone who’s in the field and living this lifestyle.

Focus For Humanity subscribes to the guidelines of another organization, International Guild of Visual Peacemakers, which is also worth checking out. Their goal is to display common humanity and images that build bridges of peace. They also provide a wide variety of photo tours and workshops throughout the world.