7 Photoshop Tutorial and Training Sites That Will Motivate You

Photoshop Roadmap

Photoshop Roadmap is a huge directory of tutorials and downloads that let you do a vareity of things in Photoshop. The site is set up to allow you to explore and find some interesting things that will add the WOW back into your photography. Don’t forget to check out their blog.

Tutorial 9

Tutorial 9 provides tutorials, downloads, and inspiration on Photoshop and more. Its set up as a collection of references from teachers and experts from around the world – so there is always something new to learn and see.

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The Problem With Using Bad Advice

We’ve been marketing businesses online since 1994. So I consider us to be connoisseurs of online marketing. That’s why I’m shocked at what some of the so-called experts promote every day.

For instance, the other day an email came through my inbox that promised the best way to build up your website was through a link exchange, and they would help me get hundreds of links for a monthly fee.

And last week I received a comment from someone who said Flash was the best thing out there, and if smartphones chose to ignore Flash, then you simply shouldn’t use those phones. Go with Androids that can readily accept Flash, and build your sites the way you want them designed.

I’m sure a lot of people listen to these “gurus” and follow their advice. And I’m sure a lot of people fail using their advice as well.

When you take advice from someone, you put your trust into his or her knowledge, education, and background. You trust they know what they are talking about, and rely on them to further your business or your lifestyle. But how do you know when their advice is right? And how do you know when its wrong?

Don’t Fall In Love In 2 Seconds

Sometimes we get caught up in the moment.

Maybe you have a problem in your business, and you suddenly find the solution. You attend a seminar and the speaker is speaking directly to you – she seems to have the perfect answer for your situation. Or someone leads you to a blog post or site that has a wealth of information on what is giving you the most trouble.

Instead of jumping in the minute you find a solution, spend some extra time looking at things through different eyes. Does this solution truly make sense? [Read more…]

10 of the Best YouTube Channels For Photographers

Do you enjoy heading over to YouTube for a break – choose a video and get inspired for the day? You’re not alone. With millions of hours watched every day, there really is something for everyone. I’ve been doing a lot of research on YouTube lately, and in the process found some wonderful channels that you have to check out as a photographer. Know of any more? Leave a comment below – I’d love to find other professional YouTube channels just for photographers.

AJ Wood
Everything Adobe – whether you are looking for tutorials on Lightroom, Photoshop, or even Dreamweaver, these videos will give you hours of ideas.

Bert Stephani
Bert has been adding videos for a number of years; start with his Confessions of a Photographer series for some quick tips on photographing.

PeachpitTV provides a huge array of education and informative videos on a wide range of topics. You’ll find how-to’s on photography, and an interview series from some of today’s hottest photographers.

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