3 Tips To Having Your Family And Your Photography Business Survive At Home

If you’ve worked in the corporate environment for years, you know one of the prime reasons people decide to start their own business is for more freedom, and more time with family.

Yet if you’ve actually made the transition, and work from home, you know balancing your work life and family life can raise its own set of unique challenges. How do you teach your family separation between your personal and work time? And how do you avoid becoming a workaholic, literally thinking and acting on your ideas 24 hours every day?

In a previous post, I wrote about working together as a husband and wife team. Working together has its own set of unique challenges. But when you throw kids in to the mix, you have an entirely different set of issues. How do you manage it all? And stay sane in the process?

Look At Your Day As A Block Of Time

Every single one of us gets a full 24 hours in the day. What you choose to do with that time is up to you. You can subdivide it any way you choose, and use your time wisely – or foolishly. Bill Gates gets the same amount of time as Jane Doe. Yet they each use their blocks of time in entirely different ways.

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