The Do’s and Don’ts of Being A Second Shooter

When you are a photographer, you have your own ideas, your own agendas and your own style. You know what you want to accomplish and how you’ll go about it.

But when you add a second shooter to the equation, it can make your life ten times easier … or a complete nightmare. It doesn’t even come down to who your second shooter is – when I first started shooting with my husband Andrew, we had many “fights” about what to do and what not to do.

Two people means different styles and different ideas. That’s a fact. But your clients don’t care about the dynamics between you. They just want awesome photographs. And rightfully so.

Which means before you bring on a second shooter, whether its your spouse, best friend, or a new hire, you better have a clear understanding of what you expect from the second shooter. And have a way to communicate that knowledge to them before the shoot.

Here are some ideas to get you going.

DO – Write down your expectations in “contract” format. It’s much easier to design your second shooter wish list while sitting down and brainstorming your requirements. Whether you choose to use a contract or not is up to you, but at the very minimum have a form that allows you to go over your job expectations.

DON’T – Never explain things or issue new requirements in the heart of the shoot. Yes, the second shooter should be able to think ahead and be there for you. But they should understand what you want to accomplish long before standing in front of the client. [Read more…]