It’s Not About Looking, It’s About Seeing

What makes a great photographer? It isn’t the camera or the lens (although that can help). It isn’t the subject. It isn’t the paper the final image is processed on.

It’s the eye.

A great photographer knows how to look past what is right in front of him, and look into the message he wants to convey. He sees the story in what is being told, and looks for the best way to tell it.

1. Focus on the action, not the facial expression.
Have you ever facial expressions been in the room with the parents saying, “smile” or “look at the camera”? And you are really supposed to get a creative expression with that happening? Great photos show the emotion of the subject, not a smile towards the camera.

2. Don’t stop with one.
Sometimes you have to be patient to capture the perfect image. Don’t take just one, take a series of images. You never know when the perfect one is about to happen. And with digital, its easy to keep the great one’s and delete the okay one’s.

3. Plan first, be spontaneous second
Pick out your background before you concentrate on the image. If your subject is standing still, you can photograph them from any angle. Walk around them in a circle, and choose the best background situation and then start shooting.

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Is Your Photography Business Really A Business?

It’s late Friday afternoon, and I’m sitting at my desk catching up on a few last minute tasks before the business really a business

Every week I start out with my list of tasks. Then one by one I check them off as I accomplish them.

This week I had quite a list. But I had a lot of extra things on my list as well. Tuesday was my birthday, so I took the afternoon off, had lunch with my Mom and went shopping, picked my daughter up and had a fun evening with my family. Today I ran a few errands, and spent time shopping for the perfect Mother’s day gifts for my Mom and Mother in law.

But now late Friday afternoon, its time to pick up the slack and finish up two tasks that are still unchecked.

Why do I make sure everything is complete? Because my business depends on it.

When you work for yourself, and more importantly when you work out of your home, its easy to let daily life get in the way. It would be very easy to just put those two tasks off until next week. But if I continually did that over time, my list would become an endless to-do list that would never be completed. And I wouldn’t be running my six figure business with all the freedom I enjoy.

I’ve been running my home business for years, so for me its second nature. But if you’re new to the home based business, or solo-preneur venture, its easy to get off task. Let me share my list of the top 3 things that make my business everything I’ve always dreamed of.

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How To Take Better Pictures Using Squidoo

Have you ever heard of Squidoo? Have you ever tried Squidoo?

I’ve been using Squidoo for years. It has a lot to offer anyone that is willing to take the time to use it for their business.

Squidoo is a site where you share your knowledge, expertise, and basic love of a particular thing. Choose your passion. Then head over to Squidoo and create a lens. With Squidoo’s design tools, you can easily add text, photographs, videos, and links to a variety of online resources. You can even choose from a variety of money making tools, allowing you to share in the revenue if your lens becomes popular and begins making money.

For me, the best way to use Squidoo is to showcase your expertise. I created a lens today entitled How To Take Better Pictures.


Then in 5 easy steps, plus a YouTube video, a reader can see simple ways of improving their photography. And of course I link back some of the information to my newest website.

How can you use Squidoo?

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How To Take Better Pictures

Have you ever wished you could take better pictures?

As a photographer, I know you love taking photographs. You probably bring your camera everywhere, ready to snap the candids every chance you have. But what about posing people for a more professional portrait. Can you easily jump in and set up groups easily? Or does it put a touch of fear into your heart?

Andrew and I have been busy creating a wonderful new program for everyone that nodded their heads when they read that last question.

We both understand that feeling well. When we first started out, posing was hard. When you have a group of people looking to you for guidance, where do you start? And before you ever get started, where do you meet them? Can you really find places right around your studio that will create great backgrounds?

That’s the idea behind Head over and watch our first few videos. We take the complex and break it down into very simple steps. We want you to be able to take one idea, learn a little about it, head out into the field and apply it immediately.


Head over to and watch the videos. Then leave me a comment or send me an email – I’d love to know what you think.