Life Got In The Way Of Starting My Photography Business

“I had every intention of starting up my photography business last year. I had the business cards. I had a website started. I had my equipment set up. I was even in the process of creating my pricing lists and brochures. Then life got in the way.”

Have you heard that phrase?

Have you used that phrase?

What does it mean … life got in the way.

People talk about “life getting in the way” all the time. The kids needed extra attention. Mom got sick and the caregiving started. The job required overtime.

But how does that allow “life to get in the way”?

Isn’t that just life in general?

The funny thing about life is it always happens. It never stands still. It never goes 100 percent the way you anticipate. Seasons move in and move out. Things change.

And that really is just what life is.

So if you use the phrase “life got in the way”, isn’t it basically an excuse for not doing something?

When you say:

“I worked a full day, only to find I had a teacher meeting with my child’s teacher after school, a phone call from my husband that we were having dinner with one of his clients, and a note from school asking for 2 dozen cupcakes for the bake sale the following day. Life got in the way and I didn’t have time to finish my brochure.”

What you are really saying is other things had more priority than finishing your brochure. It may have been work. It may have been cupcakes. It may have been your feeling of being exhausted. In any case, you allowed other things to move in front and become top priority over your need to finish your brochure. [Read more…]