The One Sales Tactic You Should Never Do To Reach Photography Clients

What if someone gave you these statistics:

  • Do this and you’ll have 98% rejection rate
  • Do this and you’ll have 100% of the people annoyed with you from the beginning
  • Do this and you’ll have 100% of the people talking about you – in a VERY bad way

With those kind of statistics, would you do it?

Of course not. Yet many, many people in business still do this every day.

What is it? Cold calling.

Cold calling was once a popular method of getting your foot in the door and building a relationship with a potential customer. Then things started changing – namely the Internet came around. And with social media, we changed the way we find things to buy. And we changed the way we build relationships.

Yet millions of people with old school ideas still believe in old school strategies. Some people pick up the phone and cold call. Some people knock on the door and cold call. Still others drop an email or a post and cold call.

And guess what? None of them work.

Cold call by phone and you’ll likely be hung up on. Cold call in person and you’ll likely be shoved out the door. Cold call online and you’ll likely be banned, deleted, screamed at, or worse, have your information go viral and influence your business in a very BAD way.

The One Sales Tactic You Should Never Do To Reach Photography Clients

What should you do instead?

Build relationships. Your number one potential for more business is the people you already do business with. Send them newsletters and postcards. Visit them. Send them birthday cards. Give a quick phone call of congratulations when you see them in the news. Send gifts. This is your number one source of potential revenue – treat it like its your pot of gold. [Read more…]

1 Little Secret That Can Help You Bring In More Photography Sales

What if someone offered to teach you one thing that could improve your average sales, would you be interested?

What if you could start using it immediately – on the next client that walks through your doors, even if that’s just five minutes away? Who wouldn’t want that?

And what if this one little secret made your clients love you so much, they started referring their friends and family to you over and over again. That’s pretty powerful stuff, isn’t it?

By now you’re probably asking, what is it, what is it? And that’s the point. The point is in the questions.

Within sales, there is a simple technique called sales tie downs. They help you improve your sales process by getting your customers to agree with you in small steps along the way. You begin getting them to understand and resonate with you long before you whip out the contract and have them sign on the dotted lines. There is less friction, less questions, because they already understand what you are doing. Are you following me?

Sales tie downs are short questions you add periodically throughout your sales presentations to get your customers to start saying yes along the way. When they are used to saying yes, the final yes is that much easier.

Too often, sales becomes an automated process where you walk through your presentation without focusing in on what the prospect is thinking or doing. You have your set sales pitch and you plod along no matter what, just trying to get everything in order. It doesn’t work. If you lose your prospect and they don’t engage, they tune out. They begin thinking of other things – other photographers that may be doing things better. [Read more…]

What Will You Do With Your $100,000 Check?

One of the reasons you may be having trouble believing you will ever have a six figure business model is because you can’t “see” yourself with a $100,000+.

What if you had a $100,000 in your hands? Would it change the way you look at your business?

Then its time to do something about it.

Pull out your check book and write yourself a check. Make it out to you – and make it for $100,000. (You can change the amount if you have something else you are striving for. Just make sure it’s a worthwhile goal.) Date it for some point in the future that gives you enough time to put your plans into action. Then keep it for motivation.

It may sound crazy, yet a lot of people do it.

Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 when he first arrived in Hollywood.

Jack Canfield took a one dollar bill and modified it (via magic marker) into a $100,000 bill. He taped it to the ceiling of his bedroom so it was the first and last thing he saw every single day.

Yes, I agree. It may sound a little silly to go through this act. Why not just make it a goal instead? [Read more…]

The Dumbest Questions You Can Ask Your Photography Prospects

As a new business owner, your mind is filled with every last detail of your business. And with so much to learn, you probably don’t spend a lot of time mastering each piece. In many aspects, that comes along the way.

So you jump right in and do things as they happen. When a prospect comes in, you have an honest conversation. You tell them your opinions, your attitudes, and how you really feel. You ask questions and provide the answers you think you would like to hear? What’s wrong with that?

Yet in sales, if you ask the wrong questions, you may not only turn a prospect away, you may alienate future customers as well. Here’s why.

Smart questions build up the relationship you are forming with a prospect. Dumb questions fill a customer with doubt and self-questioning.

Smart questions make a prospect think about the answer and how you fit into it. Dumb questions leave everything open, guaranteeing they will turn to someone else for solid answers.

Here are the dumbest questions you can use to bring in photography clients and why they are dumb. [Read more…]