5 Reasons You Can Never Afford To Be A Photographer

There is always something in the way of your success. And there always will be.

I know. I’ve been there.

You may have a goal to put away a sum of money and use that to break free of the daily grind. That money will always disappear. The car will break down. The kids need something from school.

You may have a job you hate, and you struggle with it year after year waiting for your big break into photography. Yet that never comes. So the wait continues.

In both of these examples – and really if you look at every reason that is holding you back from photography – your reasons ultimately depend on money.

Emotionally you want to follow all of the experts advice, break free from the daily grind and work at you passion for the rest of your life.

Yet financially you just can’t get ahead. Your job gives you just enough to get buy what you need each week. Your spending habits mean you have to keep working – people depend on you.

And if you followed the experts advice, its easy. Simply spend less than you earn. The more you do it, the more you’ll save.

And that’s where the conflict lies.

We know in our minds we simply need to save. Yet if we want or “need” something, we simply buy it. And the cycle starts all over again.

With all of that in mind, here are 5 reasons your photography dreams may never be affordable … or attainable.

1. You are in denial

This is the easiest trap to fall into and where most people live on a daily basis. If you don’t admit to having a healthy financial picture that will allow you to do what you want, you don’t have to admit your failures. If you truly knew where you stand, you might have to change your habits and say no to some of the things you are currently doing. Who wants to do that?

2. You are a dreamer

There is a part of you that sees your future success. You can see yourself living the life of your favorite photography mentor. You know you’re good; success will ultimately find you. You just have to wait casually by until someone “finds” you and all of your troubles will wash away. [Read more…]