9 Sites Every Photographer Should Know About

1. David Bergman
Truly inspiring photography. I loved his work in January at the inauguration. And through this blog, you can share in a world of interest.

2. The Pioneer Woman
She has a very inspiring blog series. From home schooling, to photography, to living on a ranch, you’re sure to be inspired by her work.

3. The Big Picture
Their tagline – news stories in photographs. That’s the reason I love this site. Truly inspiring.

4. Twitter.com
Twitter is the fastest growing, amazingly simple site that can really give your business a boost. If you haven’t set up your account yet, do it now. Then start following photographers. @LoriOsterberg @PhotoshopTips @digitalps

5. Search Twitter
Once you’re on Twitter, you have to start following and connecting people. Use Search Twitter to find people to follow. Two recommendations: type in “photographer” and type in your city and state. You’ll find a ton of people quickly. (Follow a few at a time. Nobody likes an excited “spammer” who follows 1,000 people their first day out.)

6. Photo Editors
Okay, this isn’t really a site. But I found this article very interesting, and thought I’d share. We all use Photoshop. But what else is out there? What can you use for different photographs, in different situations? This compares 15 online photo editors.

7. World Hum
I love this site because of the beautiful photographs, and the chance to travel from the comfort of my home office. Use this site to get inspired.

8. Slideshare
Slideshare is a place for you to put all kinds of presentations. Even photography. Check out these amazing images.

9. Dieppa Photography
Aaron Dieppa has a wealth of information on his site/blog. I love his video blog posts, and his work is fresh and exciting. Make this one of the sites you visit regularly to stay inspired.

A Blast From The Past

Well I just noticed I reached a milestone. I have 340 posts on the VirtualPhotographyStudio blog, and well over 150 pages of articles, information and resource pages. Which means with over 500 pages of content – there are A TON of resources for you to go through to help build your business.

But as I reflected on my milestone, I also got to thinking about the amount of overwhelm you may be feeling if you’re new to photography, or looking for ways to build up your photography business.

So I went through my most popular posts, and I’ve linked to them here. Enjoy.

Do The First Thing First – In this post I talk about how to prioritize your day according to what will help grow your business most.

Is A Studio Necessary To Start A Photo Business? – In this post I talk about getting around the idea of needing to have a physical location to run your photography studio.

Mindset Your Way To Success – Do you hate selling? There is no such thing as a born salesperson. In this post I look at how to change your mindset, and make your business more successful.

The Pendulum Swing Of Photography – From the best of times to the worst of times, I discuss how to create a business that can weather both.

10 Ways To Grow Your Senior Photography Business – If you photograph high school seniors, take a look at this list and start the new year out right.

The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals – If you have decided to make photography your career, make sure you’re on track to showcase yourself as a true professional.

Digital Photography Resources and Learning

Digital Photography Resource and Learning Are you overwhelmed and  lost with what digital photography is or what digital photography can do, we found a really cool resource that can help. I know that not everyone knows what “firmware” is or how “lag time” affects your image but you can find out lots of valuable information with this digital photography resource

Here are just  a few items that the site offers:

  • Over 4,000 full-color interactive pages organized into 153 topics.
  • Highly illustrative with thousands of images and animations.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step animated image editing tutorials.
  • Easy to understand basic and advanced practical theory.
  • Selectable learning levels:
    Beginner, Advanced Amateur, Professional.

I was amazed to see and learn more than I thought possible from a digital photography resource.