5 Quick Things You Can Do This Week To Fix Your Sales Process

Where do you look for new clients?

If you’re like most photographers these days, you’re heading online more and more. And why not? Facebook has over a billion people. Pull up any key term in Google and you’ll find millions of results just waiting for the person to search and find.

But just because there is a lot of potential doesn’t mean you’ll find it IF you aren’t approaching it in the right manner. To find clients, you have to have a dynamic web presence. And a dynamic web presence means the ability to take a potential client from one point to another, walking them from just finding out about you to signing up and becoming a happy and satisfied client.

If you don’t have a dynamic web presence, or any piece of the process isn’t in place, you’re missing out on HUGE potential.

Look through this list; do you see any offenders in your business? If so, clean them up today.

#1: Your call to action is missing

I worked with a photographer a couple of years ago who couldn’t figure out why no one ever contacted him through his website. So I agreed to spend some time going through it and give him some pointers on things to change.5 Quick Things You Can Do This Week To Fix Your Sales Process

It took me 30 seconds to find out what was wrong.

Nowhere on his website was a phone number, an email address, or any way of connecting with him. He didn’t even have what city he was located in and was willing to do business in. He had a fill-in-the-blank form – and that was it.

When I questioned him about it, his response was “I don’t want all that spam or people contacting me about anything other then doing business with me. This is my way of weeding out the spammers and the marketers so I only have to deal with potential customers.”

The problem with trying to make it difficult for spammers and marketers to get a hold of you is you are doing the same thing to your customers. And if things are that difficult for your potential customers, I guarantee you they are going somewhere else.

Never, never hold back on giving people ways to connect with you. In fact, the more ways they can connect, the better.

  • Tell them to Facebook you and respond immediately.
  • Give them your phone number so they can call when they’re ready.
  • Give them an email and check your account all the time.
  • Create open comments on your blog (with your approval of course) and respond as soon as anyone comments on things you have to say.
  • Put your phone number bold and in the header of your site. Make sure they can find it easily as soon as they want to connect with you.
  • Give them free information to find out more about you. Those free report and sign up boxes you see on SO MANY sites online? Yes, they work. And you should be using it too.

Your homework this week: Look through your site and see how easy it is to connect with you. Can a potential client connect with you in many different ways, and be able to find those connections the second they decide to move forward? [Read more…]