If You Don’t Change Today, When Will You?

When was the last time you changed?

I mean really changed, not just a little.

I mean stepped completely out of your comfort zone, and did something so radical, when you told people about it they gave you the look … “whaaatttt?”

If you know either Andrew or myself, you probably know we’ve been doing stuff like that for a long time. Trust me when I say our parents gave up a long time ago questioning the way we do things. Just when they are comfortable with what we are doing, we “surprise” them and do something completely new. And sometimes completely off the wall.

When we started up our photography business years ago, we did it on the side for awhile. Until one day we quit it all and worked at it full time. With all of our family completely in the “job” mentality, they definitely questioned our sanity.

Or when we decided to sell our house last summer so we could move into a condo, and travel the world anytime we choose. Our daughter is off to college in a year, and we know travel is more important to us than a large yard that takes a ton of time in the summer months. [Read more…]