The #1 Secret To Becoming A Great Photographer Is

Being so good at photography the people in your sphere can’t ignore you.

Sounds simple enough. Yet who defines “good” or “great”? That term is questionable, which is why we ultimately refer to our sphere – the marketplace that loves us and is willing to help us grow our business.

The 1 Secret To Becoming A Great Photographer Is

You can’t define great photography by what you think is great (or even what your family/friends tell you is great). The world is full of starving artists whose mother/father/girlfriend/husband thinks they have the best eye in the world. Instead, we must define it by looking at the trails that others have left before us.

Why Professionals Follow Other Photographers’ Footprints

In every field in existence, in every niche you can imagine, someone has been there before you and created success around it. Those are your models. That’s where you gain your inspiration. [Read more…]