Online Photoshop Alternative – Pixlr

Want a quick, easy way to alter a photograph? Consider Pixlr. pixlr new

I always have a variety of photo editing tools open every day. For sophisticated corrections, Photoshop may have everything you need – and more. But let’s say you just want to create a portrait for your blog, and you’d like to vignette it for added emphasis. Or maybe you want to convert it from color to black and white, and sharpen it a bit.

Pixlr makes the entire process easy – and for a free program, you can’t beat the price.


When you head to pixlr’s home page, you have two options: you can enter the Image Editor or the Photo Express with a click of a button.

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Online Photoshop Alternative – Splashup

The great thing about having access to the Internet is the possibilities are endless.

I’ve reviewed in the past photo editing sites Picture2Life and Picnic. Today lets look at photo editing tool and photo manager Splashup.

Splashup works with any of the major photo sharing service (Facebook, Flickr) on the web today. Or simply upload your images directly from your computer. From there, you can manipulate your images using a variety of tools.

Try blending your photos together. Splashup allows you to work in layers, merging them together to create a final combined image.

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