Helpful Baby Photography Ideas & Tips

Who does not love newborn baby photography? Although we all love it, it can be a real challenge to convince the little ones to stay the way we want to for a photo shoot session. That is why we’ve gathered a few baby photography ideas and tips for both parents and photographers.

A successful baby photo shoot should include the following: an attractive decor, a few funny props and, of course, the baby model. There are other aspects to consider too. Patience is the keyword and we mean it! Having to get that perfect angle or moment worthy of a photo album can take quite some time.

Without further introduction, let’s take a look at the baby photography tips and ideas we have stored for our readers.

Baby Photography

1. No Hungry Babies Allowed

Although it might sound ridiculous and many people overlook this aspect, this is one crucial aspect to take into account. A hungry baby is a cranky baby. So before initiating the photo shoot make sure the little one is well fed. Another benefit is that if the baby eats well before commencing the photo shoot, then most likely he will doze off at one point. This is, of course, an excellent moment to take some cute and lovable snapshots.

2. Unique Baby Photography Props

Try using a variety of unique, fun props. When we say props, we mainly refer to blankets and other fabrics. They may include silk, fur, velvet or wool. Just envision the cuteness of a baby burrito. For more inspiration, we invite you to check out our post on 5 must-have newborn photography props.

3. Family Portrait

A lovely baby photograph must also include the family. Having the parents sitting next to, or holding the newborn baby will surely make for a very emotional pic.

4. No Flash, Please!

One of the worst ideas possible when taking newborn baby photographs is to use the flash. They simply cannot stand it. So find a spot with natural light and profit from it.

5. Monochrome Pics

Black and white photos will never lose their charm. Monochrome pics are a safe choice for a baby photo album too. If, for instance, you get hired for a baby shower photography shoot, include black & white images as well. This will create a beautiful effect and a long lasting memory. Not to mention that the picture might make a beautiful cover of the family photo album.

6. Playing with Poses

Pretty straightforward, just find those poses that the baby enjoys the most. One can spend hours searching for the best, funniest poses for their babies. Make it fun. Stimulate the parents’ imagination.

Baby Photography

7. The Secret of a  Comfortable Environment

Both the baby and the parents should feel comfortable during the photo session. A good idea would be to increase the heat. Although adults might be prone to sweating, the babies will enjoy the extra warmth. Parents will also feel more relaxed seeing their child is feeling good.

8. Creativity vs Professionalism

Do not concern yourself with being too professional. In such scenarios, the most important thing is to take the photos that will speak to the viewer.

9. Relaxing Music 

Babies are used to sounds even before they are born. When still in their mothers wombs they hear and even get familiar with a multitude of sounds. From their mother’s heartbeat, blood circulation, digestive system all the way to outer world sounds, such as traffic and much more, babies can hear many things. So consider playing some relaxing music. This will help both infants and parents relax.

10. Swaddled Baby Poses

Some of the cutest poses out there requires the baby to be wrapped. What is important here is to make the baby feel comfortable. Additionally, a nice idea might be that of swaddling and swaying the baby. Babies love to be swayed. By doing so, you can make them fall asleep. Just keep the baby’s blanket a bit loose, to make the baby feel comfortable and look pretty.

11. Consecutive Shots 

Do not try to capture one single perfect moment and thus wait for it. Take instead multiple, consecutive shots. So rest assured, out of 40 consecutive shots taken at least one will be the prize winner.

12. Make the Baby Laugh

A happy, smiling baby can only mean one thing in this context: a lovely baby photograph. Try catching the baby’s attention and make him laugh, from hide and seek behind the palms to funny faces and goofy sounds. The baby will love them and make us smile in return once we see his or her adorable happy reaction.

Baby Photography

Taking a lovely baby photograph is not hard, but it takes patience and experience. The secret is to make the baby feel comfortable. Invest into making a comfy environment, for both kids and parents. Babies are well attuned to their parents’ emotion. Learn how to help babies and mothers relax during newborn photography in our post. Other than that, try to act naturally and enjoy the photo session. In the end, this experience should be fun for babies, parents, and the photographer too.

We hope our tips will prove most useful to you. Do you have other baby photography ideas and suggestions to share with us? Feel free to leave a message in the comment section below. Until next time, happy photographing everyone!

Image Sources: Pixabay.

How to Help Babies and Mothers Relax During Newborn Photography

If you love babies, then newborn photography must be one of the most pleasurable types of photography in the world. The photographs that you take of a newborn will forever be cherished by the family and that is extremely satisfactory. But newborn photography is also quite challenging, as it can be very difficult to keep babies in poses and mothers relaxed about their newborns. We all know how new mothers are! That is why, in today’s article we’re going to offer you a guide of how to help babies and mothers relax during newborn photography. Here are our tips, tricks and ideas on this subject!

newborn photography

Create a great environment! Firstly, music is something that you must always have when creating the setup for your newborn photography. Both you and the baby will benefit from its soothing effects and it creates a wonderfully calm environment. Try some classical music or get one of those cheap CDs with relaxing music for newborns, they really do work!

Use as much natural light as possible, as lighting is really important when it comes to making subjects relaxed. You all know how important lighting is when it comes to photography in general, not just newborn photography. What you should know is that babies simply adore natural light and they’ll be putty in your hands if you let them have just a bit of it.

Be creative, do a bit of searching on the web and see what else you can do to make the baby and mother feel relaxed. We suggest you go to, a great blog/website where you can find pretty much all you need on advice about newborns and babies in general.

Learn how to make people relaxed! There are plenty of tutorials online about how to make someone feel relaxed. Watch at least one tutorial, take notes and apply what you’ve learned on your subjects. Or you can go to workshops and learn how to do it. A workshop will teach you much more than an online tutorial will. To be honest, everyone’s different and you will not get the same reaction every time you try it. Trial and error is really the key to newborn photography.

Don’t have too many props! Sometimes props can be intimidating to both the baby boy, baby girl and mother. Get some baskets, wraps (a wrap must always be present in any type of newborn photography), some cute little outfits, bean bags, blankets, cute bags with messages on them, a backdrop, a stand, some maternity clothes, some pink, blue, orange-colored toys, DYI props and maybe even some animals. Some dogs are great with babies and you must admit that dogs and newborn twins look amazing together.

Get the whole family involved! An outdoor shooting with some nice poses/posing will get you the money shot. Posing with a newborn baby doesn’t allow you too much space to move, so to speak, and that is why you need to find some inspiration. We suggest you find some photography companies that you like online and follow their work. Be it maternity photos, lifestyle or newborn photography, we all can learn from each other. Read the online reviews about the photo studios before you delve in.

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