Are You Facing Photographer Burnout?

Imagine this.

You plod along day after day facing the same results.

You know what you want but you just can’t reach it. Things are holding you back from achieving what you truly want to achieve. You dread getting up. You dread facing the day. You’re tired at the end of the day.Are You Facing Photography Burnout

Something’s gotta change. But what? What can you do?

These are classic indications of burnout. But what truly is burnout? And do you really have it?

Burnout is the point at which you reach exhaustion of either physical or emotional strength and motivation as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.

Burnout can be based on a variety of things, including:

  • Having a negative work atmosphere
  • Not loving what you are doing
  • Not believing in what you are doing
  • Having a horrible boss
  • Having the wrong clientele
  • False feelings of overwhelm
  • Negative feelings around inappropriate action

If you see yourself in any of these, and you know you’re probably facing burnout, now what? Where do you go from here?

First, realize that burnout isn’t something controlled by outside sources. Instead, burnout is internalized and comes from self-imposed feelings created in reaction to your surroundings. When you feel pain, you continue to internalize it until it moves from feelings, to daily inflictions, to a complete restructure of your lifestyle.

And that’s when burnout really impacts you. [Read more…]

Overcoming The Traditional Mindset

This post is Day 4 of 30 Ways In 30 Days To Redesign Your Life With Photography. This series seeks to provide you with practical steps to get you from wherever you are today, to exactly where you want to be – this year! If your goal has always been to take your photography to a whole new level, hang on and start enjoying a new lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you read a lot? I do. In fact if you came to my house, you would find a stack of books practically everywhere. I have books all over my desk, in my family room, and stacked by the side of my bed. I’m also starting to amass quite a collection on my iPad. While I do end up buying a lot of books, I also check out the majority of them from my local library. Then when I find really good one’s that I want to refer to again and again, I purchase them.

Over the holiday’s I reread my copy of Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Work Week, and I also picked up a copy of another book, Chris Guillebeau’s The Art Of Non-Conformity. I highly recommend both.

They aren’t photography related. And to a certain extent they aren’t business related. They are life related, and allow you to look at life through a different vision.

Have you ever thought about working only 4 hours a week? Do you even think that’s possible? What about traveling – do you think its possible to travel 12 months of the year without having a million dollars in the bank? If you read these two books, you’ll quickly see how all of this is possible, and even more.

What I enjoy about both of these writers is their viewpoint of the world. They don’t accept things as normal. When things appear “normal”, its time to escape and do something completely unexpected.

And that’s really where we are with the photography industry right now. [Read more…]