How NOT To Market Your Photography Business To Women

I read an interesting statistic the other day.

85% of all brand purchases are made by women

No shock there. Women are in control of most household purchases.

Yet the next statistic makes you react a bit differently.

Only 3% of advertising agency creative directors are women.

Which means that on average, men are the one’s advertising to women – as a whole – throughout every industry.

Which means there is a lot of room for improvement, as men and women just think differently.

Photography is predominately a woman’s consumable. Meaning if you aren’t gearing your marketing almost exclusively towards women – your main client – you’re missing the boat.

Yes, you can copy ad campaign after ad campaign that some other photographer created. But what are you missing if you do it that way?

How NOT To Market Your Photography Business To Women

Mistake #1: Marketing on a generic level

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