How to Boost Your Photography Business: Top 5 Resources

Do you want to improve your marketing skills and boost your photography business? Here are just a few amazingly cheap resources you can benefit of to enhance your business performance.

Top 5 Resources to Boost Your Business Performance

We often associate marketing resources with complicated strategies and methods that can be developed and applied only by specialists who have a thorough knowledge in the field. There’s nothing more false, especially when it comes to individuals who build up a business driven by passion and determination.

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Yes, we know you are the artist and your customer service skills might be limited to interacting with clients during photo sessions. But you will be amazed on how many low cost marketing strategies you can implement yourself. What you need to do:

1.      Get Expert Advice

Starting a photography business or a business of any kind is not so difficult as compared to building a great reputation. If you consider starting one or just improving your visibility and performance on the market, the easiest way to gain more skills is by asking for help.

In the US there are many nonprofit organizations dedicated to help you create a business plan or provide you with useful and innovative business ideas. All you need to do is search for one in your local area and give it a try. It is free, it is accessible and it might be very efficient.

The best resources you can access, though, are your fellow experienced photographers. Nothing beats practice. So, try to connect with local established photographers who can show you the tricks of running a successful business.

2.      Participate in Workshops

Another great and interactive resource is participating in workshops. You can sign up for workshops on general marketing topics, but let’s face it, they might be boring and bring more specialized information than you actually need.

What I would recommend is finding as many workshops and seminars led by professional photographers. These are essential for photographers in their first years of business as other professionals can share not only their knowledge and skills in the field, but also their marketing experience. Learn how to grow your business from experienced photographers. 

Keeping in touch with your professional community it is essential not only to get inspiration, but especially to keep yourself updated with everything moving in the industry.

3.      Attend Photographic Events

Attending photographic events is not a waste of time. It is called networking and it is a clever way to promote your services. It might be actually the perfect occasion to observe how things are done from the advertising point of view, and a great opportunity to make yourself known both by potential clients and partners.

If you haven’t already created a set of business cards, it is time to get some. Not only they make you look more professional, but they can also transmit much about you. ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is a phrase which does not apply at this point in your business development. Your cards should be as creative and promising as the services you provide. Be inventive and experiment with different formats for different occasions and audiences.

4.      Try E-learning

In this electronic age, learning is no longer just about registering to a school or university. There are numberless resources you can find online, from e-books to guides and courses, at the end of a click.

If you can teach yourself photography, you can learn anything about running your business just by, I dare say, googling it. 

5.      Invest in Technology

When I say technology, I refer not only to professional equipment and applications designed to help you provide top quality services, but also to resources created to ease advertising your business.

Online advertising is part of what I see as marketing resources worth investing in. This is a form of using the internet to deliver promotional messages to your clients.  There are many options you can choose. The most popular are email marketing, social media marketing and display marketing.

 It might sound complicated, but it is really efficient and in the long run it might prove the best resource when it comes to marketing your photography business as it allows you to be creative and close to your targeted-clients.   

Don’t get caught in too many plans, ideas and resources, but be consistent when you find the right path. Promoting your photography business should be at least half as exciting as taking shots. Experiment, improvise, try as many things as possible and learn from mistakes.

And don’t forget to have some fun on the way to success.  

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7 Tips For Marketing Your Photography To Women

Is there really a difference in the way men and women shop? Yes. And in most cases they aren’t just subtle differences – they can be extreme. Enough so that entire companies are now devoted to studying sales and spending habits of the two sexes, and have come to distinct patterns to both. If you intend to market predominantly to women (which is probably the case in a variety of photographic niches) don’t just study marketing and sales; study marketing and sales strategies for women. Here are some distinct differences in how women buy.

Sell With Emotions

Even the title says it all. Women are simply more emotional than men, and tie their purchasing decisions to things that feed their emotions. Women love stories and happy endings. They love to be led along a storyline, and be kept in waiting to find out how situations will play out. Old Spice ads? You bet. We couldn’t wait to see the next one in the series and find out what crazy thing would happen next. Stories give us a few seconds to step away from our busy lives, and focus in on something that is completely irrelevant to our current situations, yet has impact on what we are thinking and doing.

Ask For Opinions

What do women like doing more than hearing a great story? Talking about it of course. We like to tell our friends, mention it in a group we belong to, share it on Facebook, and leave our comments on a blog post. When we don’t have time to chat with our best friends every day, logging into our Facebook accounts at 10 pm before we turn in can be just as rewarding. Don’t just leave it to chance; make the request. Tell people exactly what you want them to do and they will more likely follow through.

Build Time Into Your Sales Process

Women typically take a longer period of time to settle in on a purchase. They do more research, ask more questions, and spend more time thinking about the purchase before they actually sign on the dotted line. Build that into your sales process. Don’t expect an immediate sale; instead add in techniques that build up confidence in your relationship. Send thank you notes. Build an FAQ page online to address any concerns she may have. Direct her to that page on a follow up email. Mail out additional support for your products and services, such as testimonials and more in-depth descriptions. It may take a little more time and effort, but having a raving fan to help you sell on the other end is worth it. [Read more…]

How To Make Magic Happen In Your Business

Lady Gaga. American Idol. Glee. Apple.

Like em, love em or hate em, no matter how you feel about it, they all evoke a massive emotional response. They’ve created a national appeal that makes everyone around the world talk about what’s happening next.

Wouldn’t you like to have that same emotional response with your own business? Imagine if you could do something so striking, people instantly recognized you and started talking about you.

While your goal may not be to attract the attention Lady Gaga is getting, there are things you can do to get noticed, and have the magic start flickering around you.

1. Speak directly to your marketplace as if they were a single person. What would that one person want to hear? Nothing will create as much magic as if a person feels they are being directly catered to, and taken care of in a special way. [Read more…]