Finding A Better Way To Build Your Photography Studio

This weekend I ran into a photographer I’ve known for a number of years. store closed He’s been a photographer for over 30 years, and has had his own studio for about 20. I asked how business was going. And he spent over 5 minutes filling me in:

  • The one reception site that referred him shut down last year.
  • There’s too much competition for senior photography, so he has none on the books.
  • No one has any money, so he has no family portraits scheduled.
  • Potential bride’s that call in aren’t looking for quality – only price. And his prices are too high for them.
  • Business is so bad, he recently took a retail job, working 32 hours per week.

In life there are two types of business owners.

1. Those that do well and continue to grow their business.
2. Those that fail, and continue to lose business.

I talk to a ton of business owners every week, and I can easily predict from a 5 minute conversation who is going to grow their business this year, and who will be shutting their doors.

The people who will succeed say something like this:

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