Is The “F” Word Creeping Into Your Business and Personal Life?

“Most people die at 20 and live until they are 75.” – Les Brown

I saw this quote the other day and wrote it down to remember it. I have a whole list of quotes I love and look to them often for motivation.

And while I completely agree with this quote, another part of me asked “why”. Why do people give up everything, lose their dreams, and continue with a life they really don’t enjoy?

When I started out after high school, I attended college because my mom said I had to. I didn’t have a goal or a purpose; just my mom behind me saying I had to have a degree. She wasn’t allowed to go to college back in her day because her family assumed she would drop out and get married anyway; why “waste” the money? She always regretted it and made sure her daughters had a degree instead.

So I “fell” into a business degree because I really didn’t know what else to do.

Then I fell into a variety of “jobs”, from banking to accounting to auditing. I never loved it; I just did it. I did get paid very well for what I did. And I also traveled all the time, which I guess is what whetted my appetite for travel. But I just did it all because that’s what you were supposed to do.

Then something happened when I was 28. My dad died of a massive heart attack. It was very quick, no warning. Just here one day, gone the next. He was 54 years old and way too young to die. But he has continued to influence me more since his death than he probably ever did while he was alive. [Read more…]

Cost vs. Value: Would You Spend $25,000 To Grow Your Photography Business?

Around the world, most people think with their pocketbooks instead of realizing the impact something could have on their futures.

They focus in on the cost of everything that is presented to them, instead of on the value the item presents to their lives.

For instance, if I said you have the opportunity to spend one week with the top minds of the world, learning all you can about business and improving your life, but it came with a price tag of $25,000 for the week, what would you focus on?

The chance to spend one on one time with brilliant minds that have grown major corporations?

Or the fact that there is no way you could ever afford $25,000?

Would you concentrate on the value you would receive from spending time with people that have succeeded at everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

Or would you concentrate on the cost of the program?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

I have spent thousands of dollars to attend seminars in the past, and when I talk about them with family and friends, the response is predictable:

“What, are you crazy? How could you spend THAT much?”

Because they are so focused on the costs, they miss one crucial point.

You can’t learn million dollar strategies from someone who has never made one million dollars. You can’t learn successful business strategies from someone who has never built a successful business. And you can’t learn successful lifestyle strategies from someone who doesn’t have the lifestyle you are trying to emulate.

So when I see someone holding a multi-thousand dollar event, I look at it and say, “Hmm … I wonder what they know that I don’t?” I look at the people in attendance, their reputations, their resumes, and what they have to offer to the group.

While the big price tag of $25,000 probably got your attention, the same holds true no matter what the price tag. People have different thresholds, and while some declare $25,000 to be outrageous, for others it might be $500, or even $50.

One person may say, “OMG, you paid $1,000 for that? Really? I’ll give you “advice” for half of that, give me $500 and I’ll tell you everything I know, wink wink.”

But a smart person knows better. “If this training teaches me one important tip that will help me generate $1,000 into my business next month, I could keep earning that $1,000 for the life of my business.”

5 Life Balance Tips For Busy Photographers

Weekdays. Weekends. Early morning. Late at night. If you are wondering what the difference is because you have every ounce of time filled up, maybe its time to stop and put more balance into work and personal life.

With cutbacks, layoffs, and general uncertainty in the economy, people are putting in extra time in a variety of areas. But even if you have a full time job and you can’t reduce your hours, there are ways to spend more time focusing in on what is truly important to you.

Here are 5 ways to help take back the control in your life.

1. Build more downtime into your schedule

Calendars are wonderful things. With a glance, you can easily tell all the things you have to do, and whether or not something new will fit in.

The problem is we tend to use calendars for scheduling other people’s events and routines. When your daughter’s school has a fundraiser on Thursday night, it goes on the calendar. Weekly soccer practices and games go on the calendar too.

But what about an hour for a daily run? Or a night out with your spouse for dinner and a movie? Or even a Sunday afternoon lying on the couch with a good book?

We tend not to put things like this on the calendar – we’ll do it when we have time. But the only real way to make sure you have personal time to do the things you truly want to do is to schedule it. [Read more…]

4 Components Of A Virtual Business

Everyone talks of the ideal lifestyle. Being able to work when you want, where you want. And being able to travel when you want, where you want.

But how many people actually live that lifestyle? Sad to say, not very many. Most people are still living with a JOB, having to work 50 weeks out of the year to be able to afford all the “toys” in life.

Saying you want the ideal lifestyle, and actually living it are two different things.  Read More>>