Photographers On Twitter: How To Use It

Twitter has become a major phenomenon this past year. But with everyone singing the praises of Twitter, most photographers are still questioning how to use it, and if it really is beneficial to your business. One of my readers, Michael sent me this email over the weekend, and summed it up quite nicely:are you on twitter

“…I signed up for Facebook and Twitter this past summer. But I guess I just don’t get why I need to be there. I’ve written a few things, but it’s never brought me a client. Is all this stuff really important to my business?”

Let’s look at 5 ways to use Twitter to help grow your business.

1. Have a desire to connect.
Do you attend networking events regularly? Why do you do it? Networking events work because you meet people face to face, and connect with them on a personal level. You attend meeting after meeting to establish a relationship, show people your true value, and make people comfortable being around you. People do business with friends. The same goes for online as well. You have to be there and be committed to making connections. Many people are “lurkers” – they watch what others say and rarely participate. I’ve had many lurkers become clients after following me for many months.
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