Making Them Pay For Social Media

Don’t you just hate it when a client “lifts” an image that you’ve created for her to use on her social media sites? They simply don’t understand copyrights and assume its okay.

And what are you to do? You can ask them to take it down and pay you for the image. But then you have a very UNHAPPY client. And with social media, that could be a fire storm.

So you let it go … and lose money.

The problem is most of us think in the “old” world. We still think 8x10s and 16x20s.

We don’t think Facebook and Google+.

But what if we did?

Talk with a high school senior, and they want images for online use. They want a new Facebook profile or a Google+ cover image.

Talk with a business person and they want a photo for their latest website and a cover image to match for their Facebook page.

But of course, they don’t know how to make it professional. So they stick an image – possibly the one they bought from you scanned into their computer – and they plop it into their profile.

The problem is they don’t understand sizing or how to make things look great by following size guidelines. So they get this:

Social Media 1

Or this:

Social Media 2

Instead of this:

Social Media 3

What if you gave them a package of online graphics instead of a package with 8x10s? Create a social media package that’s fresh, creative, and perfectly proportioned for all online needs.

Start with perfectly sized graphics especially made for the top online social sites. Here’s a sizing cheat sheet to keep the dimensions on file:


How to use social media for your photography sales


Click to view the entire cheat sheet

Then create packages that your customers will want to buy.

  • Maybe a Facebook package that includes:
  • a Facebook cover photo that integrates perfectly with the profile picture
  • a Profile photograph
  • a Newsfeed image
  • an Ad image

All created to make adding to Facebook easy … and look great too.

You can create separate packages for each social site, or mix them up a bit and include different things from different sites.

You can create several packages and offer “discounts” if they purchase more than one social package.

You can give “discounts” when they purchase a traditional package with a social package. Use your imagination and have fun with it.

Really, the opportunities are endless.

And the more creative you are with your designs, the more you can charge. Look to these for inspiration.


Timeline cover 1




Timeline cover 2



25+ Photographers To Follow on Google+

Are you on Google+? Then you know it has literally exploded over the past few months, giving Facebook an honest run for the money. In some ways its more intuitive than Facebook, and allows you to communicate in slightly different ways. It’s a way to split your resources into more than one area, and connect with people that may prefer this method over some place else.

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When I looked at who you should be following on Google+, I looked at it for a variety of things. Do they show off great photography? Are they posting regularly? Do they communicate with others? Are they sharing resources and links? Do they have large groups of influence? All of the photographers below fit that bill in some way. Can you recommend more?


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