Increase Your Productivity By Working In Themes

Are you a solo-preneur? If so, you know exactly how many hats you need to wear each day to accomplish everything on your list.

And while you probably manage to get most of the important things done each week, I’m sure there are always a ton of items left at the end of the week – the things you keep moving from list to list each week, hoping to get to them eventually.

While you are probably getting a ton of things done, are they the right things?

For instance, lets say you really love production. You love editing your images, printing them out, placing them in albums, and framing them for your customers. Yet you hate marketing, and frankly don’t really understand all the different pieces you should be doing to put an effective marketing plan into place.

You may be able to check off all of your production work each week with flying colors. Yet the marketing tasks keep moving week after week without the “check”. And the more you push marketing aside, the greater chance you have of seeing your business fail.

There is a way of stopping that trend in its tracks. Develop your own internal theme days.

In this case, the definition of “theme” is: to give a particular setting or ambiance to. Which means you are defining a certain aspect of your business by a special topic. The best thing is you can use “themes” in so many ways, and in every way it will make you a more efficient person. Let me show you how. [Read more…]