7 Checks To Make Sure Your Facebook Page Is Up To Date

Do you have a little extra time this week?

Then maybe its time to make sure you are taking advantage of all the latest Facebook features.

Its easy to get caught up in the day to day “stuff” that happens within our businesses. So much so that we forget about going back and making sure we can do all we can with what we have.

And if you’ve been over to Facebook lately, you’ll likely see additional changes all the time – have you noticed the changes Facebook Graph has put into play?

#1 Are you maximizing your cover image?

Facebook has updated its guidelines, creating more space in your cover image and loosening the restrictions on what you can display in the space. This is your prime real estate – the first thing people see when they visit your page. Make sure you display things that instantly say who you are – your award winning photos, calls to action, web address, logo and/or branding, and more.

The key is that text cannot exceed 20 percent of the cover image area.

Facebook Page Check for your Photography Page

#2 What does your profile image say about you?

Your profile image is used every time you post on Facebook and it’s the first thing people see when glancing their posts in their newsfeed. If you become value in their minds, they are more likely to stop and read what you have to say. The key is becoming recognizable.

Also, make sure you upload an image at 180×180 pixels – Facebook will size it down to 160×160, but this ensures you have a clear, recognizable image that looks good wherever it goes. If you load a large, rectangular image, you might not create the impression you are looking for.

#3 Review your tab thumbnails

Your tab thumbnails appear below your cover image and lead to the main tools on your page you want your viewers to spend time with. Make sure they capture attention.

The best way to do this is to think about what course of action you want your visitors to take, and use simple fonts, images and words to direct them there. Why do they visit you? Why do they trust you? Make sure you know why you want them there and what you want them to do once they are.

#4 Use a short description that tells people about you

Right below your profile picture is a section that can show a brief description of approximately 155 characters. This space is a great way to communicate your key ideas to your visitor.

While its important to define what you do in as short of space as possible, also consider putting your URL there as well – it’s a great way to connect people back to your site where they can get more information.

It’s easy to edit – use go to Edit Setting in your admin panel, then look for Short Description under Basic Information.

Facebook Page Descriptions

#5 Optimize your about section for search results

Many people head to their About section and type up a short description of their business without thinking much about it. This about section not only tells your viewers who you are and what you do, its also open and available to search results and can produce rankings for you as well. Focus in on your keywords and make sure you maximize them throughout the content areas. When it comes to the online world, whether its your blog, your Facebook account, or any other social site, remember to maximize information as much as possible. Your goal online is to be found, and it won’t happen unless you add as much information as possible.

#6 Choose a Facebook URL

Depending on how long you’ve had your account and how you originally set it up, you may still have a URL with “pages” and a set of numbers in it. You can update it to a custom name – and you should as soon as possible.

A customized page web address looks more professional and makes it easier for people to find your business on Facebook. If they know the name of your business and type it in to the Facebook search bar, do you come up? It also makes it easier to connect on all other online sites – and adds to your professional branding as well.

#7 Review your category

How did you originally sign up for your Facebook Page? Facebook offers a variety of category options, many of which are similar. As a new business owner, they may be a bit confusing, especially if you haven’t fully defined your business yet. Will you travel for business? Or do you primarily have clients come into your studio?

If you do have a brick and mortar studio, consider changing to a Local Business, which allows users to check into your location. Checking in raises awareness about your business to their circle of influence, and it also boosts up your search results as a part of Graph Search.

How To Get More People To Your Facebook Page

The only way to get more people to your Facebook Page is to tell more people it exists.

It may be easy to send people to it by providing a link in your email, or including a Facebook Badge on your blog, but what do you do if you are out networking face to face?

Why not try a Facebook Business Card?

I’ve always loved Moo – you can find a variety of posts on here talking about how to use Moo products in your marketing materials.

Now they are helping you market your Facebook page as well.

Earlier this year, they launched Facebook Timeline cards – which was great for getting people to your individual profile. Now they are offering the same for Facebook Pages. And the best part is you can try it out … for free.

Each business can now login to Moo and get one pack of 50 cards for free. And even when your first 50 are gone, additional packs run $15 a pack. Very reasonable for a great marketing tool.

Making your Moo Facebook Cards is easy. When you sign in, make sure you click the “yes” when they ask for your data. This allows them to connect up with your Facebook account to pull the data automatically in.

Once your card is set up with your Timeline photo, personalize it. Make sure all your data is correct and its easy for people to connect up with you. You can add a favorite quote or phrase to the back of the card as well.

Tip: I love quotes and used one on the back of my first free pack. But you don’t have to stick with quotes. Think about what you do on Facebook. Do you provide tips? Do you share photos? Are you running a contest? Use that info on the back of your cards. It’s a great way to drive traffic if you’re offering an ongoing promotion.

Then purchase your cards. They are now shipping all over the world, so know matter where you live, you will probably be able to add this to your list of marketing tools.

Once you have your cards in place, use them in addition to your business cards. Yes, its okay to hand out two cards if they are both sending you to different places. When you are talking with someone, what would you like them to see? If you really want to feed them info from your Facebook account, hand over that card. If you want them to see your site for more information, hoping to convert them to a client, hand over your business card. And if you can tell they aren’t quite ready to convert to a client, or they are a great referral source, hand over both. The key is to let them follow you in the manner most convenient to them.

Is Facebook Killing Your Website?

Just a few short years ago, the online world was pretty simple. Design a website, make it pleasing, and you could find success online.

Then things started changing. Social hit and nothing has been the same since. While MySpace gave a first shot at connecting up with like-minded people, it wasn’t until Facebook made waves that we began to see an alternative to building a presence that is both professional and personable.

The best feature of Facebook is it’s free. Where else can you create a presence and market your business – all for the price of FREE? So of course many new start up photography businesses are using it instead of building a website.

But is that the best course of action? Can you really build a strong, successful business with just a free Facebook account?

Yes. And no.

Facebook’s War On Websites

Historically we went online to search out content relative to what we were searching for. If someone typed in a keyword or phrase, they were looking for a website filled with content that could answer their questions, and possible provide them with enough information that would convert them into a customer.

Today, time is short. And our methods of gaining information make the necessity for short information even greater. If we’re standing in line at the post office and do a quick search from a smart phone, we want short tidbits – directions, 140 characters of content, photos, videos, an app to get the details we need. Which makes the Facebook platform perfect for what we need.

We can use a Facebook app to get to our account. See what’s new in our newsfeed. And connect to any messages or requests we’ve received since we logged in the last time. The “like” feature has added tremendous value over the past few months because we can control what we want to see and what we want to share. It helps build your credibility as a company.

Dig Deeper: How To Use The Facebook Like Button

With a few simple steps, you can create a Facebook Page that emulates your brand. And because you can build as many “tabs” into your page as you desire, your Page can be quite complex.

Dig Deeper: How To Make Your Facebook Page Attract Customers

And with many of the apps now available both within Facebook itself, and outside with third party developers, your Facebook Page can do just about anything your traditional website can do. With galleries, shopping carts, and more, a customized Page is just a few clicks away. [Read more…]

How To Make Your Facebook Page Attract Customers

Putting up a Facebook Page is easy. Click on the Create A Page button, and it walks you through a few screens to add content.

The challenge comes from turning your page from a stand-alone, no one knows you’re there Page, into a Page that brings in new clientele every day. After working with Facebook steadily for a couple of years now, I’ve discovered there are four key steps that will help you move from a Page know one knows about, to a Page everyone raves about.

Use The Features

One of the reasons Facebook is so popular is its user friendliness. You can check in on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. You can use your browser window, or use an app. Phones, cameras and video equipment now come with “push one button” technology that allows you to go from concept to sharing in a matter of minutes. And in today’s me-society, that’s powerful stuff. Everyone is a reporter. Everyone stays connected.

With Facebook features, all of this is easy.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but most features can be enabled and used in a matter of minutes. Start with the basics. Then commit to trying something new everyday.

“I’m scared to post anything. I know it will be there forever, what if I make a mistake?”

I had a client ask me that recently. So we talked for a while. We had just set up her page, and she had 25 people liking her page – most were friends. With 25 friends, they will be forgiving. So I had her start out small. She photographed a few images on a hike, and sent them to her Page with a simple caption. She included photos of a conference she attended, and learned to tag the people in the photographs. And she made a couple of “mistakes” – spelling errors, and incomplete thoughts. But she learned, and is now much more confident about posting. And her friend base is growing in the process.

Develop A Strategy

What if I asked you what your marketing strategy is? What would your answer be?

I’m betting you would have a variety of ideas in place.

  • Advertise in the local magazine every month.
  • Monthly mailers to my client base.
  • The local bridal show.

I’m sure you have a number of campaigns and tools in place in order to keep clients coming in all the time.

Now let me ask what your Facebook strategy is? Hmmm… [Read more…]

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Facebook Page

One common question I often hear from photographers that are new to the social media world is, “How do I know if I will have any luck bringing in new customers with social media tools like Facebook?”

While it’s easy to ask the question, answering it can be somewhat more difficult.

As a business owner, we’ve grown to love numbers. So we play with our stats and watch our numbers every day, making changes when we don’t achieve what we think we should. But with social media, it’s a little more difficult to put numbers to everything we do. Does it always matter how many people “like” our page? Not always. Sometimes it’s more about quality, and less about the actual numbers.

What if you have 100 likes, and your fans are active and engaged, adding into the discussion every day? Wouldn’t that be much more beneficial than having 1,000 likes with no visits and zero interaction?

As a photographer, start out small and make improvements along the way. Don’t pay attention to the numbers as you grow; instead focus on making your Page a place where people visit on a regular basis. Here are 5 easy ways to improve your Facebook page.

1. Add value.

What makes people visit again and again? They are interested in the information you provide. Nobody likes to read sales pitches, and company information again and again. If you find yourself always directing people to your sales literature, offering special promotions, and in general trying to sell to the people who like your Page, think again. People love to interact and discover more about you first. Share your insight. Showcase your expertise. The more you share, the more valuable your Page will be, and the more people will want to join in on the discussion. [Read more…]