Want More Family Portraits? Target New Home Sales

Looking for a way to bring in more family portraits to your photography business? It may be as easy as knocking on the doors of brand new home owners.

While the economy has been down globally for a while now, things change all the time. Even where you currently live, I’m willing to bet there are people moving to new homes all the time. They make an excellent target for a new family portrait. Here’s why.

A recent survey published in Deliver Magazine showed that:

  • New homeowners purchase more products and service in the first 6 months after moving than an established resident spends in 2 years.
  • The average new homeowner spends more than $9,000 on purchases within the first few months of a move.
  • 50 percent of new homeowners purchase home decorations and accents.
  • 35 percent of families plan to or will move into a new home after having their first child.

And if you think about it, it makes sense. If you are doing well enough to make a move into a new home – and anymore it also means you’re doing well if you can get a new mortgage, as the requirements are higher than ever – you probably have discretionary income to spend.

Why not target them for a family portrait?

Specific campaigns will always work better than generic. If you send out thousands of postcards around the holidays advertising portraits, you’re basing it all on zip codes. You may be reaching singles, married, married with children, grandparents, families with newborns, different ethnic groups, etc. Whatever you showcase, its probably not an exact match to the majority of the population. They are busy. And the majority end up in the trash. [Read more…]

How Will Facebook Search Impact Your Online Experience

Imagine a world where your family has just arrived at home from a variety of events and places, and they decide they want to have dinner together. Its late – cooking would mean eating late in the evening. So they decide to call up a local pizza place. Yet they don’t want “the same old” pizza they always eat. Why not try something new?

So they head online, type in Google, and pull up a list of pizza places. If you do that right now, chances are you will get the big pizza places – Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns – whatever is big in your area. And you might get a few local places, but only the one’s that have spent extensive time and energy on search engine placement.

Maybe you wanted something new. Something that your friend at work was talking about. He mentioned a place they tried last week; now if you could only remember what it was.

In the near future, you may not have to remember. It may be possible to search based on your friends knowledge and recommendations, not just who made top ranking in Google.

And it won’t be through Google. It will be through the second largest search engine in the world.


Yep, Facebook.

Right now if you head over to Facebook, search involves finding a friend by typing in a name, or finding a business by typing in a keyword or a business name.

Yet if rumor has it right, they may be developing a search engine that works slightly different than Google. This search engine won’t care what keywords you use, how much you’ve paid an SEO firm, or how much you are paying for PPC. Instead, it will care about things like: [Read more…]