Is Your Photography Business Really A Business?

It’s late Friday afternoon, and I’m sitting at my desk catching up on a few last minute tasks before the business really a business

Every week I start out with my list of tasks. Then one by one I check them off as I accomplish them.

This week I had quite a list. But I had a lot of extra things on my list as well. Tuesday was my birthday, so I took the afternoon off, had lunch with my Mom and went shopping, picked my daughter up and had a fun evening with my family. Today I ran a few errands, and spent time shopping for the perfect Mother’s day gifts for my Mom and Mother in law.

But now late Friday afternoon, its time to pick up the slack and finish up two tasks that are still unchecked.

Why do I make sure everything is complete? Because my business depends on it.

When you work for yourself, and more importantly when you work out of your home, its easy to let daily life get in the way. It would be very easy to just put those two tasks off until next week. But if I continually did that over time, my list would become an endless to-do list that would never be completed. And I wouldn’t be running my six figure business with all the freedom I enjoy.

I’ve been running my home business for years, so for me its second nature. But if you’re new to the home based business, or solo-preneur venture, its easy to get off task. Let me share my list of the top 3 things that make my business everything I’ve always dreamed of.

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