8 Album Software and Design Applications

As a high-end wedding photographer, I know the money isn’t in the shooting part of your business. It’s in the selling part of your business. And the easiest way to make a ton of money is to sell albums as opposed to packages and handing over the digital files.

For ideas on building and selling wedding albums software for mac, you may be interested in Photographing By The Page – The Only Way To Shoot A Wedding.

In order to build and sell large albums, you have to design large album templates before the sale in order for your clients to see what you do, and picture the final product in their minds.

Yes, you can design each page in Photoshop. But when you’re designing over 280 pages on speculation the way I did, you have to have something that makes the process more efficient.

Here are 8 album design programs that can help you design albums on speculation quicker.

Fundy Album Builder


Allows you to design and create your own layouts instead of using pre-established templates. Works for both PC and Mac. Offers a free trial download.
Album DS

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Wedding Album Design – Is It Up To You Or Your Customer?

Most wedding photographers concentrate on the photographs. They design their packages to provide a certain number of photographs. And the client can choose what images to place into the album.

A typical package may be:
·    Up to 8 (eight) hours of time
·    Unlimited 4×6 images (Average 550 – 900 images) All yours to keep!
·    Wedding Album (To hold your unlimited 4×6 images)
·    Enlarged Images:  8 – 8×10 prints + 4 – 5×7 prints + 20 – 4×6 prints

The problem with this type of package is you put the emphasis on the wrong thing. Instead of focusing on your presentation, you’re focusing on a stack full of pictures.

Page 40,41

And this is where true professionals are separated from the amateurs.

As a wedding photographer, your art comes in the form of being able to tell the story of your clients wedding.

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