3 Habits Of Highly Unsuccessful Photographers

Plenty is written on successful companies and how you do things the right way. But I find it equally helpful to go in the opposite direction once in a while and discover things that businesses do wrong. You know, the things that really hold people back and prevent them from creating a sustainable, successful photography studio.

By understanding what factors some people have that limit success, you can begin to generate new ideas and ultimately find a better way of doing things.  If you look at failing or even businesses that have failed in the last few months, most of them would cite reasons that would fall under one of these key inhibitors.

1. They believe their current circumstances are unchangeable – they must accept them no matter what.

2. They reorganize so much they never establish a true clientele.

3. They do not test and evaluate to determine when its time to change.

Unchangeable Circumstances

Opportunities exist in every circumstance. Yet for many people, they get caught in the rut of what’s happening in the world around them and forget they can change and manipulate things any way they choose.

Now is the perfect time to find “old time” photographers who fall into this category. Talk to them for two minutes and you’ll start to see the patterns. They’ll say things like “things are rough and nobody wants photography any more” or “everyone wants a CD with digital files for virtually no money at all”. They look at the world as if they are living in the past. They’ve always made a great living in the “old” way and they simply can’t find a way to turn it around and continue to make a great living in today’s world. [Read more…]