Startup Checklist

Starting The Business

  • Write out your business plan, including goals

  • Set aside capital to use for start up costs
  • Name your business
  • Set up your business with your local government
  • Create an LLC or corporation, if appropriate
  • Get licenses and permits
  • Choose a location for your business
  • Buy photo equipment
  • Buy studio equipment

Designing Your Marketing and Branding

  • Create your logo and branding
  • Create business cards and stationery
  • Design a brochure
  • Createweddingphotography3 a website
  • Create a blog
  • Create sample photographs and albums

Choosing Your Vendors

  • Camera supplies
  • Lighting supplies
  • Backgrounds and prop suppliers
  • Framing suppliers
  • Album companies
  • Packaging for final purchases
  • Printers for marketing materials
  • Web designer
  • Professional lab
  • Shipping companies
  • Accountant/bookkeeper
  • Small business mentor and coach

Creating Packages

  • Choose your field
  • Choose a professional lab to determine pricing for photographs
  • Design your packages
  • Choose your pricing
  • Design your sales tools

Setting Up Your Office

  • Buy computer equipment and software
  • Purchase desks, cabinets, shelves, and files
  • Establish a business bank account
  • Set up your accounting system
  • Purchase office supplies
  • Get Internet service

Get An Education

  • Join a photography association
  • Take business classes
  • Hire a mentor
  • Read books
  • Stay on top of industry news

Finding Clients

  • Join associations, clubs andphotography-marketing-plans other networking groups
  • Advertise
  • Create a referral plan
  • Develop your website
  • Stay active online
  • Attend networking functions weekly

Build The Business

  • Hire virtual assistants
  • Hire production assistants
  • Hire employees
  • Hire an accountant
  • Pay taxes
  • Get insurance
  • Set up benefits, including retirement plans