Meet the Authors

Geta-Movila-VPS-AuthorGeta Movila

With a background in Theater and Literary Studies, Geta is a photography enthusiast taking great pleasure in writing on photographic art related subjects and inspirational topics. She is an active contributor for Virtual Photography Studio, always looking for creative ideas on how to develop skills and gain valuable experience in the field.

Follow her articles about worldwide acclaimed photographers, schools, contests and more, and let yourself get inspired.

Karsten Monroe


Half Dutch and half Canadian, Karstenis an enthusiastic workaholic photographer turned blogger. Architecture graduate, he is determined to make the most of his passion for photography and takes great pride from being a self-taught.

When not so focused on his monumental projects (if there is such a possibility), he writes about new technological developments tailored to make your job easier and more enjoyable. Tips, how-tos and guides are his favorite formats. Need to gain some new skills? Don’t hesitate to check his posts and leave your feedback.

Amanda Jones

1Professional photographer and freelance writer, Amanda is specialized in wedding and travel photography. Every day she enjoys taking long walks around the city, from where she takes inspiration for her day-to-day work. She always hunts magical locations to astonish her subjects.

That’s how she finds all sorts of venues from where to write as well. From time to time, Amanda gets caught up into writing in a not-so-well-known café or local park, but she prefers the hustle and bustle of the big city, and, of course, new amazing places around the world. Do you dream big? Check her articles!

Greta Jacobs

9With a background in media and design, Greta has an eye for innovative and mind-blowing photographic techniques. She studied photography for over five years and started practicing from college. Her inclination to arts is another asset you will notice in her in depth posts.

She loves writing about niches like fine art photography, commercial photography and portraiture. She believes that marvelous photos can be taken if taking full advantage of your camera and learning more than just the basics. Does it sound appealing? Read her posts, follow her tips and let yourself be inspired.

Dave Hughes

6Computer Science graduate, Dave Hughes is the pragmatic guy of our team.  No wonder he likes to call himself a ‘cool nerd’. His brightness and attention to detail are reflected into his new tech-inspired articles and reviews. He loves writing about new tools and useful resources designed to ease your effort.

Do you want up to the minute information for your photography business? Are you a beginner who photographs for personal interest and want to amaze your friends? There is always more to learn. Follow Dave’s posts and get ready to rock.