Six Figure Photographer – The Complete Success Manual For Photography

What if you could have an expert photographer help you build your business? What if you could get the blueprints they used to grow their own successful business? Now you can.

Six Figure Photographer is a step by step guide ready to bring you results today. We’ll show you the exact steps we took to turn our business into a Six Figure success in under two years.

This coaching program is for those photographers that want to make a huge difference in their business over the next year. They are busy with their business – and want small steps to take every week that will lead them that much closer to success. We know you’re busy. We know you don’t have hours to spend every day on learning a new business model. That’s why we take you by the hand, give you a few things each week to accomplish, and let the rest fall in to place.

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Five Figure Photographer – Everything You Need To Get Started Making Money With Your Camera

Have you been thinking about starting up your own photography business for awhile now?

Want to use your camera to make money?

It’s time to start building your photography business from the ground up!

If you love taking pictures, and have always wished you could make money as a photographer, learn how to grow the business from the ground up. We’ll cover everything from getting started, to taking better pictures, to building up a client base that loves what you do.

If you’ve always wanted to use your camera to earn a part time or full time income, now is your chance.

We’ll cut your learning curve down substantially, and give you advice on things like:

  •    How to set up the business
  •    How to find the right clients for you
  •    How to become good at selling your photography
  •    How to improve the quality of your photography
  •    How to make your business successful, and make it your full time career

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The Photographers Guide To Pinterest

**NEW** Are you looking for a new way to market your business and bring in a fresh new stream of potential clients?

You don’t have to look any further than the newest social media site – Pinterest. With the highest growth rate of a site EVER, it may very well be the perfect way to capture the attention of your potential client.

Pinterest is very visual in nature, and is the perfect way to show off your photography. IF you use it the right way. The problem with Pinterest (and every other social site out there) is most people don’t understand how to use it to attract business.

If you want to jump in to the newest way to bring in fans to your business, learn all you can about Pinterest today.

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Pricing Your Photography

Let me ask you a question. How did you come up with the prices you currently charge for your packages?

Chances are your prices were set with little more than a hunch. Maybe you visited a few sites online, or shopped the competition in your area for their price lists. Then you used those prices to come up with your own packages – and maybe even lowered your fees just a little. After all, you’re new at this; why not lower your prices?

That’s why Pricing Your Photography is here to help you. This comprehensive 35 page downloadable ebook will instantly walk you through the steps of creating the ideal packages that will not only help you understand more about pricing your photography, but will also help you create a true business with a salary that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire.

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30 Ways in 30 Days

In 30 Ways in 30 Days To Redesign Your Life With Photography, professional photographer Lori Osterberg reveals 30 steps to creating a successful business, and reveals the steps she took to create a Six Figure Photography studio in under two years. Each day focuses on a new strategy and task, helping you build a complete photography business plan along the way. Inside this guide, you’ll discover:
Making the mental shift to do whatever you choose to do

Moving from hobby to business – what it takes to get to the next level

Setting up your photography business in the right way

How to create a studio anywhere

The easiest way to come up with dynamic marketing promotions

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The Photographer’s Blogging Book

Chances are you’ve heard about blogging. You may even have a blog already. But do you know what to do with it? Do you know how to set it up correctly to start attracting potential customers? Do you know what to write about, and the best way to add content? And more importantly, do you understand the tiny nuances of blogging that can make your photography business a success?

If not, The Photographer’s Blogging Book is your guide to success. Lori Osterberg walks you through step by step, and helps you create an online presence using one of the most success online tools to date. By reading this guide from beginning to end, you’ll learn everything from the best platform to manage a blog, how to set it up, how to target potential customers, how to manage your business, and everything in between.

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Become A Top Wedding Photographer

Want to be a wedding photographer?

Today’s wedding industry offers many opportunities to today’s photographer. With millions of weddings occurring every year throughout the world, and billions being spent, this is one of the most lucrative industries available to you as a photographer.

In my newest ebook, Become A Top Wedding Photographer, you’ll discover the secrets that took us from generalist to elite wedding photographer status in under two years. From marketing, to gaining clients, to adding the extras, and understanding how to package your photography the correct way, you’ll have the step by step guide you need to make it in the lucrative wedding industry.

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The Wealthy Photographer

You have a dream to make your photography business a success. But will you ever become a wealthy photographer?

Wealth can mean different things to different people. For some, it might relate to the kind of home they own or the car they drive. For others, it may be the size of their bank accounts. Still others may view it as the lifestyle they lead.

In The Wealthy Photographer: 12 Secrets To A Successful Photography Business and Enviable Lifestyle, you will quickly develop your ideas of what a wealthy photographer really is, and how to apply step-by-step strategies to your current situation to turn it into a reality. You will learn:

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What Do I Name My Photography Business

Are you just getting started with your photography business?

You probably have more questions than answers right now. One of the toughest questions to decide upon is

What Do I Name My Photography Business?

And while that’s an important one to get you started in the right direction, many, many questions will follow. For instance,

How do I come up with a realistic idea that will make money?

Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Should I trademark my name?

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How To Start Up Your Photography Business

how-to-start-a-photo-businessJust in the starting stages of getting your business up and running?

Wondering if you can really make money as a photographer, and where you should start?

Start with our How To Start A Photo Business, and get the answers to your start up questions. We’ll give you ideas on how to niche yourself, how to start your marketing plan, and how to find your first client.

Use this as your starting point to get on track to doing what you love to do. We’ll provide you with a ton of advice we wish we would have had when we were first starting – things like how to set up a business, what type of marketing should you start with, and where to find your first client.

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Step By Step Marketing Plan

six_figure_book2Create your step-by-step marketing plan for your studio in minutes!

Do you hate marketing but love photographing? Does the thought of selling turn you upside down?

Now you can have your marketing plan all ready for action – just pick your niche. With 26 different niches, there’s sure to be the right one for you.

We’ll give you a year’s worth of strategies ready to put into action. We define each step, set it up for you in a monthly calendar, and give you specific ideas along the way. All you need to do is follow along, and see your business grow.

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