10 Fun Ways To Turn Your Photos Into Sales

Ever get tired of the client who comes in and buys one image from you? Change that around, and give them more to buy.

1. Sell your Moo cards. I love Moo cards to market my business, but why not sell them to your clients too? Perfect for engagement photos, have the bride and groom give them out as favors, or as thank you cards on the table.

2.Create customized iPad or iPhone covers. Why not take one of your photographs, and convert it into a crowd-pleasing iPad or iPhone cover? You’ll be the talk of the town.

3. Put your photos on, well, anything. Thanks to Zazzle and Café Press, you can put your photos on just about anything, and sell them to your customers. Corny? Maybe. But why not use it to boost up your business, especially when they are doing it anyway.

4. Sell to the microstock houses. You’re out shooting anyway. Why not take some for your client, and some for a microstock site? Make sure you get model releases if you photograph people, otherwise use the surrounding area for inspiration.

5. Turn your photographs into art. Head over to Etsy, or check out one of Stampington & Company’s magazines – I love Artful Blogging. There are some amazing ideas there, and you’ll quickly discover you can do anything with a little imagination.

6. Design a bag. From purses, to handbags, to book bags, you can put a photograph on just about anything. Why not let them carry your photographs?

7. Digitize your images. Instead of selling loose photographs, why not load them up into a digital frame? With many different styles now, you’ll be able to give this your own unique style.

8. Stay on top of everything cool about photography. Visit sites like Photojojo often, and come up with ways to use some of their cool and exciting products. Maybe a special baby or teen promotion.

9. Teach instead of take. Everyone has a digital camera these days, but know one knows how to use them. Teach a class, and let them see your true talents.

10. Create your own line of greeting cards. Many companies make greeting cards these days – create several and package them up. Create different themes, and you’ll quickly have a great side business.

Raising Your Photography Prices For Crowd Control

One of the most common ways of determining a price for your photography is to ________

How would you fill in the blank?

Pricing your photography is one of the most difficult parts about your business. Now with the Internet, you don’t actually have to price shop. You just visit Google and find out what others are charging for a shoot similar to your own.

And that’s how many photographers handle the pricing issue. Yet when you price low, you attract a low paying customer that has high demands and little budget. You stay busy. And you stay broke. There is simply no way you’re ever going to create a successful business that gives you a great lifestyle at less than minimum wage.

Once you have your prices set, its time to monitor your business by raising your prices at the appropriate time.

Raise them by the season. Wedding photography is the perfect candidate for season price increases. Create a price list now for your 2011 season – you may start booking weddings for early next year now. Automatically increase your pricing by a certain percentage across the board. While you may not choose to raise the prices of your 8×10’s, raise your package or sitting fee instead.

Raise them by time frames. The best way to get people to take action is to give them a time limit on how long your pricing is good. Especially for wedding photography where the client can book 6, 12, even 18 months in advance, it could easily be a couple of years before you see an order. We always put in a clause that allowed them to order at their stated pricing guide for 60 days after delivery of the “proofs”. Any time after that was subject to our price increase.

Raise them to change your client level. A $100 portrait client is completely different than a $1000 portrait client. Different mindset, different requirements. If you are ready to reach out to a new client base, put together a new pricing structure to reach out to the new level. Keep in mind that your referral base will cut off almost completely when you make major jumps. Do it as quickly as possible if you want to move into new income brackets.

Ready to learn more about Pricing Your Photography?

Photography or Greeting Card Business – You Decide

Do you know how successful the greeting card business is?

  • Americans purchase 7 billion greeting cards every year
  • The average person receives 20 greeting cards in a year.
  • Women purchase 80% of all greeting cards.

That’s a lot of cards.

As a photographer, I know you have a ton of images just sitting in your computer gathering dust. So why not pull out your best, and create something new? How about a box of greeting cards?

Many photographers have used the concept of greeting cards to sell to individual clients. They come in for a portrait session, and they buy 20 or so greeting cards with their favorite image. That’s a great way to increase sales. But you’re only selling in sets of 20.

Why not take your best images – your award winners –  and turn them into a whole line of greeting cards?

If you show faces, you have to have a model release. But if you shoot from a different perspective, you can have an entirely new side business that you can promote just about anywhere.

We created a line of cards that went along with our gift book a number of years ago. We took 4 of our favorite images, and put them in sets of 12. They could be used for note cards, thank you cards – a bride has many uses for cards around her wedding. You can also sell them to other vendors in the wedding industry.

Start with a quality card – Moo has some, or check with your favorite print house. Then create a customized box to package and sell them in. With the Internet, you can sell them anywhere, and quickly have another way to sell your images.

12 Ideas To Make Money With Your Photographs

Instead of sitting on the images you took this past weekend, why not sell them instead?

Even if you didn’t have a client, and spent time with the family at one of the kid’s soccer games, chances are you took some great photographs. Why not find a way to turn them into some extra income? Take a look at these 12 ideas to make money with your photographs, and see how much you can get done this week.

1. Create a photo book. There is always opportunity – you just have to look for it. If you’ve attended your kid’s soccer games for several weeks, and helped coach the practices with your camera in tow, why not turn it into a fun photo book memory for the families? Or have a great idea for a vacation guide to your hometown? Check out Blurb for an easy way to make a photo book.

2. Network. Head over to MeetUp and find a few networking groups. You can work with the organizer, and offer headshots for use on social sites for a nominal fee. Give them quality images, and you exposure.

3. Design your own line of products. With companies like Zazzle and RedBubble, its easy to design your own line of products.

Ideas To Make Money With Your Photographsimage source

4. Find a mom and pop café. Take a drive around town – you’re sure to find a few coffee shops that aren’t part of a national chain. Head in and chat – can you help decorate their walls?
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A Great Side Business – Teach Photography Skills

If you can’t beat em, join em – as the saying goes.

At a networking group, I heard an interesting statistic today. 95 percent of all consumers with digital cameras are having problems with their cameras. They purchased them for their ease, yet now that they have them, they’re finding them anything but easy.Create a side income with your photography business

  • They don’t know what to do with a flash drive.
  • They don’t know how to get the photographs from the flash drive to their computer.
  • They don’t know how to organize them on the computer.
  • They don’t understand backup.
  • They don’t know how to print a photograph.
  • They don’t know how to correct a photograph.

I could go on and on. Chances are you can add to the list pretty easily too with the questions you’ve been asked by your family, friends and clients.
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Plan Your Vacation Shooting Trips Now

Even photographers need a vacation. But when you find yourself planning a vacation, don’t you always get excited to bring along your camera and shoot for fun?

There’s something fun and inspiring about being able to shoot anything you want, whenever you want, knowing it has no implications on your business.

But as a photographer, it’s also no fun showing up with thousands of others, and getting boring pictures with a ton of other tourists in them. If you’re going to shoot for “fun”, how can you do it the best way possible?

Plan Your Vacation Shooting Trips Now

Even though we head out and shoot for fun on all of our vacations, we’ve found several tips that will help you shoot at more than an amateur level – and maybe help you get some dynamite images that you can sell on stock sites, or create your own art and set up your own art gallery.

Here are 7 tips to help you plan your next shooting vacation.

1. Use your children’s breaks and long weekends.
If you have kids, you probably travel during their off times. Which means you’ll be vacationing with large crowds of people, especially at the more touristy locations. Look at your child’s schedule, and plan for shorter trips on more non-traditional times. For instance, my daughter’s school district gives them a fall break around the last week of October. This is a great time to still pick up some of the fall colors, and avoid large crowds.
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See A Story, Take A Picture, Make Some Money – The Future Of Photo Journalism

With a global community, finding the right photograph to go along with a story is important. As a photographer, being able to sell your photographs at the right price is equally important.

If you love photojournalism, and love finding the story as it happens, check out Demotix. Demotix allows you to take photographs, showcase them to the media, and make money.


Demotix has connections to major media buyers all over the world. From newspapers, magazines, television and websites, if the media needs a photograph, Demotix has a connection.

One of the major concerns with all photographers is copyrights. With Demotix, you retain your copyright. They sell your image either with non-exclusive rights for anything between $50 and $3000 USD. Or for exclusive rights for the highest price possible. In all cases, they split the fee with you 50/50.

Demotix is still fairly small, with 8300 members in 110 countries. Which means it’s a great time to climb on board and find your niche in photojournalism.

Selling Your Travel Photos – Turning Vacations Into A Business

One of the things I’ve always loved about photography is the freedom it brings to your life. That and lets face it – it’s fun telling people we’ve traveled all over photographing really cool parties. I love the look on their faces and the spark in their eyes.

Which is why travel photography is also captured a huge part of my attention span. Not too many people can go anywhere in the world, experience the best things in life, and get paid for it too.


7 ways to sell your travel photos:

1. Every photograph you take can be sold on a stock photography site. While online micro stock agencies pay a small amount per image sold, the more images you have, the quicker it adds up. If you make it a goal to add to your microstock portfolio every month, it can add up to a great passive income source.

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How To Make Money As A Stock Photographer

I’m always amazed when I head out to the forums to find photographers complaining about stock photography, and the fact there is no money to be made in that industry?

It’s justphotographers not true.

As a matter of fact, it is an incredible way to make money, and I’m seeing huge potential over the coming years in this field.

Last fall I touched on this in my Trends In Stock Photography and today I read more about it in Microstock Photography Is Getting Big.

By far, iStockPhoto is advancing as the leader in the stock photography industry. In February 2006, Getty Images purchased iStockPhoto for $50 million. In 2006, iStockPhoto had revenues of about $23 million. Fast forward to 2008, revenues jumped to $150 million, with projections for this year being around $200 million. Huge growth! And huge potential for us photographers!

If you’re thinking, “How can I ever make money with just a few cents per image sold?”, think again. iStockPhoto obviously has the desire to make money through sales of images, but it also looks for ways for building deeper relationships with great photographers too. Which is why they’ve just announced their newest division, Vetta Collection, which is comprised of images that meet a higher quality. They cost more for the end user (starting at $20 per image compared to the $1 per image for the standard images) – and provide more income for the photographer as well.

So, can you really make money as a stock photographer? Let’s take a quick look.

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10 Sites To Find Freelance Photography Work

Updated on August 27th, 2015

Whether you’re looking to pick up one or two photography jobs a week, or looking to fill your days with several different clients, there are ways of connecting up with people online for little or no cost to you.

There is a great number of sites where you can find immediate freelance photography work. If a while back we have created a post on 10 such platforms, we knew there had to be more opportunities for you. Below is an updated selection of sites offering photographer jobs to make you start shooting and boost your profits.

Take a look at these sites, and start shooting!


Indeed is a well-known job search engine. It pulls all types of jobs, from full time employment to freelance opportunities. By only typing ‘freelance photographer’, you are given a variety of photography job opportunities to choose from.

Indeed - Photography Jobs Screenshot

Sharp Shooter Imaging

While this isn’t really freelance work, and you would be working for Sharp Shooter, they have some interesting opportunities to photograph at ski resorts and other fun locations all over the U.S. and Canada. Check out their Careers page and see if there is anything suitable for you.

sharp shooter - find freelance photography jobs


Cool Works

Cool Works is another site offering a wide range of freelance work. These vary from guide jobs to hospitality jobs and teaching. Even if you don’t find a photography job here, you may find seasonal employment that puts you in an amazing place, and allows you to take amazing photographs anyway.

Cool Works - find photography jobs online


There’re several ways you can connect with potential clients on Craigslist, all for free. Type the area that interests you as well as the category of jobs you are looking for. Also, you can surf through the classifieds, or offer your photography on the services page.

Craiglist - find freelance photography jobs online



iFreelance is a social site for freelancers where you can build your profile and participate in a community of people looking for freelance work. There are diverse photography services offered on this platform from commercial to outdoor and wedding photography. Find the niche that best defines your photographic work and get started.

ifreelance - find freelance photography jobs website

Freelance Designers

Freelance Designers connects everyone in the design industry on one site, from graphic and web designers to writers and photographers. List your information to join the directory, then check back as opportunities open up in your area of interest. Freelancers are here listed by location and service in the USA.

freelance designers - find photography jobs online

Hire My Mom

Hire My Mom is designed as a great source for moms who want a little extra income on the side. However, this is another great resource for freelancers of all types where one can create a profile and watch as jobs are posted. If you are looking for flexible, home-based work opportunities, it might be the ideal site for you.

hire my mom - freelance photography jobs online

Freelance Writing

Sometimes, you need to think about partners as well. What goes better with a story than a photograph? This writing site is filled with opportunity for freelance photographers.

freelance writing - find freelance photography jobs here

Freelance Photo Jobs

This site is designed exclusively for photographers. Head over and hunt through the postings looking for photography services. As you will see, there is a great number of areas of expertise where you can find work, from sports photography to real estate photography and many more.

Freelance Photo Jobs Website


Sadly, the following website you may have looked at is no longer available.

GoGreelance was a great place for people to list specific jobs they were looking for  – and for you to have picked up work in your area of expertise.


For more photography jobs and work opportunities, check another post entry update from 2011 – 10 More Sites To Peruse For Freelance Photography Jobs.