How To Make Your Own Light Reflector

Are you starting your own photography business? Then you know the value of learning how to make your own light reflector. Not only can it save you money to invest somewhere else, but it can also give you a quick way to instantly improve your photography.

When shooting portraits outside, it’s easy to tuck people next to trees and near buildings to  avoid the harsh sunlight. But sometimes you find a scene that would be perfect for your client – yet the direct sunlight is streaming in. That’s when a lift reflector comes in handy.

When people talk about light reflectors, they are usually talking about one of two things.

A light reflector that bounces the light.
A light diffuser that softens the light.

A light reflector generally comes in two colors, silver and gold. Silver provides a bright reflection; gold provides a warmer, softer glow. Both are designed to be used close to the subject, using the light as a directional source to bounce back into the subjects face. Play with the reflector until you get the lighting you are looking for – its easy to see results just by tilting the reflector.

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Don’t Have A Lens? Just Rent It

This past week we spent some time in Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. While we have a ton of our own equipment, we thought it would be fun to try out one of the lens rental places, to get a feel for how easy it is to rent, and to report it all back to you.

We started doing our research a week before we left home. We decided to try based on our own personal research, and the recommendations of our followers on Twitter. We placed the order on Friday, for Tuesday delivery, as we were leaving town early Wednesday morning.


We selected the lens we wanted, put in our credit card number, and gave our phone number for verification. They had an easy, computer generated process where they called us, we entered a code we received from the order, and the verification was complete. Then the lens was on its way.

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Sell To Clients On Location? New Tool To Help Sell Your Photographs

I’ve long been a fan of using projection to motivate prospective clients to book with you, and to sell your post 060409 work to clients after the shoot. The only way to bring in large sales is with projection.

When we first started out in the 90’s, projection was unheard of for small businesses. Instead we put everything together using multiple slide projectors. It was noisy and hard work, getting everything to align properly. But the outcome was so worth it.

Then slowly computers improved, and projection became affordable for the small business. And you could do so much more with your “show”!

I’ve been watching projection change over the years, and every year I’m amazed by the size, weight, and portability of the newest projectors. I picked up the June 2009 edition of PC Today magazine, which is all on making the most of your mobile photos and videos, to learn more about the latest and greatest devices.

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A Great Way To Carry Your Equipment

Have you ever looked through camera and equipment bags? Sure they are functional. You can get many styles and sizes, great for many types of shoots.

But most are boring. They come in standard black, and they just blend into the surroundings.

But what if you have a certain style with the way you dress, the way you present yourself, and you’re branding?

I just found jill-e designs, and you’re going to love it.

jill-e bags

These bags are anything but boring. Get a variety of sizes, and a variety of colors to match any mood. Plus they have unique features just for us girls. Like a detachable pouch to carry your personal items (I always hated fishing around at the bottom of my bag looking for my lipstick.)

Check out jill.e designs


Using Professional Photographic Products – What It Takes To Look Like A Professional

a professional photographer When you call in a professional, do you expect them to do more than you can do on your own?

For instance, when we called in a local plumber to fix a drain that was clogged, we expected him to show up with more than a bottle of Liquid Plumber in his hand. We expected him to show up with a series of tools, and to completely clean the drain so we had no more problems.

Or when we hired a caterer for a party, we expected him to show up with more than a few paper plates and a pan full of simple appetizers. We expected the entire event to be elegant and have delicious food presented in an elegant way.

They are the professionals. So we place the expectations above what we could reasonably do ourselves.

The same applies to a professional photographer.

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Using the Polaroid PoGo Digital Camera In Your Studio

Polaroid announced today its introduction back into the world of instant cameras with the Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera. It’s the first digital camera and instant printer combination available.

polaroid pogo

Simply point it and shoot it, then crop or edit them. Add fun borders or keep it full frame. Images can be printed in under 60 seconds.

The PoGo uses Zink Printing Technology, which makes printing pictures instantly possible without using messy inks. Instead, Zink Photo Paper is a durable material with embedded yellow, magenta and cyan dye crystals, activated with 200 million heat pulses in 30 seconds with a single pass. With 100 billion crystals in each 2×3 inch print, the paper is 100 percent inkless, and has the benefit of also being eco-friendly.

polaroid pogo 2

So how can you use the Polaroid PoGo in your photography business?

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Lens Rental and Camera Rental – Where Can You Find It Online

Have you ever thought of renting camera equipment or a lens to help you on a shoot?

1. You’re heading out of town for a specific shoot and need just the right equipment.
2. You’re shooting a wedding and need backup equipment.
3. You’re photographing a portrait and want more variety in lenses.
4. You want to try out a few lenses before you buy.
5. You need a macro lens for one client.
6. You want to play for the weekend.
7. Your equipment is in the shop.

No matter what your reason, there is a rental service for you. Check out this list of places to rent good professional camera equipment

Did I leave off your favorite place? Let me know. I’d love to add it to the list.

Photography Studio Lighting Explained

Photography, through simple definition is capturing a subject illuminated with light. Light, natural (sun) or artificial (flash) bounces off a subject and is relayed into a recording device such as a camera and an image has been created. With natural light, you will see how the light falls on the subject and corrections or modifications are simple. Placing a subject in the shade vs in the open sun will decrease contrast and allow much more control with the finished image.

Artificial light from a flash or strobe has some challenges. From a small burst of light generated through a flash, a subject appearance can change instantly. Using simple tools like reflectors and umbrellas, this artificial light can be modified to enhance and defuse how the light falls upon the subject. We found a wonderful video that really explains how flash and reflectors work together.

New Projector For Portable Sales

If you are one of my Six Figure Photographers or are in my Photography Money Club, you’ve discovered the best wayprojector to increase your sales – Projection.

If you go on location, and sell to your clients in their homes, you may want to check out the newest addition to the projector world.

The Mint V10 Projector is small in size, 125x55x23mm, yet projects up to a 50 inch image size. Perfect for tucking into your laptop case, and bringing it with you into the field.

Keeping your Photography Flash Cards working though Data Recovery

Everyday at our photography studios and each weekend during a wedding event we take thousands of photographic digital images. These digital files are conveniently stored on a memory device, usually a flash card for later download to a computer. This workflow is a daily job for most photography businesses and is essential for studios to process the captured images. For the most part, this procedure works every time, without fail and we move on. What do you do if you find that your card data is corrupt.   For a portrait, you could re-shoot the family, child or high school senior but what would happen if this was a wedding. What if this was a card loaded with 200 or more bride and groom images? Found a cool solution to this problem that could become your best friend if your card stops working – 

We are always looking on the Internet for new products or solutions to issues faced at photography studios. Let us know if you found any tools that we can place on this site.

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