10 Photographs To Remember Summer

Since the mornings are definitely feeling like fall here in Colorado, and I’m not ready to let go of the summer sun yet, I thought I would turn to an Inspiration Friday this week.

In order to improve your photography, pick a theme and head out for the day. Take images that represent the theme.

I headed out online to find 10 images that represent my ideas of summer.

A Day Of Sailing
[Yes, this is from  Andrew’s racing team – had to prove that you really can sail in Colorado]


A Day At The Beach

a day at the beach

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Celebrating Earth Day Through Photographs

Happy Earth Day! As a way of celebrating Earth Day, I decided to share photograph tips, sites, and strategies that have caught my eye this week. Enjoy! earth

Earth: From A Different Point Of View
Think its hard taking photographs here on earth? Try taking them from space. Not only does this post have amazing images taken from space, you even get a tutorial on how it was done.

Kodak and Earth Day
What is Kodak doing to make planet Earth a better place to live? Find out how Kodak is focusing on environmental issues.

2009 Earth Day Photo Contest For Students
Have a child in grades 5-8? Have them create a photograph showing our changing world. They may win a digital camera.

Earth Day Photo Project
Have a Flickr account? Join the EPA in putting together a photo project showcasing the many aspects of Earth Day.

Earth Mosaic
What are you doing today? Now imagine one large photograph showing what everyone in the world is doing in honor of Earth Day. That’s the premise behind Earth Mosaic.

Photojojo – Recycled seat Belt Camera Straps
I love this place – where do they find those funky ideas? Check out these recycled seat belt camera straps, an interesting idea.

image source sachyn

Photography with a Theme – The Color Red

By adding an assignment to your work, you can open your eyes and really see a creative side. What if you had a project to do and the goal was to photograph just one thing. What would you do? Let’s take a look at one project…the color red. Color is everywhere and when you see some of the samples below, you will see on connection to each image and a large array of unique designs.

Buy Red!

image by frazer4eos

Red meets water

image by NYC nikonian007

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Smoke Photography Study – Photography Themes

Photography themes are wonderful to work with and the study of smoke will really get those creative juices flowing. Here are a few examples of some stunning studies on smoke:

Flame by Jay PH.

PhotographyImage by Jay PH

smoke in blue by Idle Type.

PhotographyImage by Idle Type

Fading Flower by Dude Crush.

PhotographyImage by Dude Crush

Smokey silhouette by ƒernando.

PhotographyImage by ƒernando

Photography Motion – Photography Theme

Photography is such a great medium to work in. Setting out to capture images with a theme can enhance your portfolio, knowledge and ability. Here are some images focused on one theme…motion:

Motion Blur Frozen by Mariano Kamp.

ocean motion by H o g n e.

London in Motion by althani_1986.

Study of Curves, Motion and Colors by flickrgao.

plastic motion by Grant MacDonald.

carnival in motion by candleshoe.

Take time to experiment, to have fun and to open your mind….

Digital Infrared Photography


Earn More Money Using Your Photography Today! With the advent of digital photography, some of the fun films have be shoved aside. Remember when you could create some stunning photography images using infrared light spectrum film.

Found a great resource for infrared photography – http://lifepixel.com/