A Little YouTube Inspiration For Photographers

Every once in a while, its nice to take a break and be inspired by something outside of your comfort zone. What are others doing in the world of photography? How can they motivate you to reach and grow and stretch beyond what you are currently doing with your own photography?

I recently ran across a few YouTube videos that provide inspiration to us photographers. Take a look and see what you think.

9 More YouTube Videos You Have To See If You Are A Photographer

A while back I created a post to help you find great photography channels to check out and follow on YouTube.

Dig Deeper: 10 of the Best YouTube Channels For Photographers

And while those are still going strong and still worth following, I wanted to find some more exciting channels that can give you more inspiration for both your photography and your business.


I love their About Us description – The most subscribed and viewed photography show on the interweb, presented by an asian dude with British accent. They have dozens of videos broken down into many different categories – definitely something for everyone. From lens review, mirrorless camera reviews, and even their own series The Internet’s Most Talented Photographer Reality Show, this channel will keep you watching for many weeks to come.


FroKnowsPhoto is created by photographer Jared Polin. This YouTube channel provides you with fun, creative videos on everyting from how to’s and photo editing techniques, to critiques and photo contests.

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How To Maximize Your Marketing Results By Using YouTube Videos

You blog. You use Facebook. You showcase your photographs. But what about video? Are you using video to enhance your marketing efforts?

As photographers, we think “stills”. Yet it’s easier than ever to create a video – many DSLRs have the capability. So why not use it to help you market what you do? Here are a few tips to help you use video to enhance your marketing efforts.

Create Compelling Content

By creating a YouTube video, your goal isn’t to create the most watched video ever. You’ll never be able to compete with Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, who have pulled a half billion views for just one of their videos.

But do you really need a half billion views? What would you do with that much traffic? Would you really be able to shoot that many portraits, or service that many wedding clients?

Instead, create content that addresses your audience’s needs and desires. If you are in the world of fashion photography, showcase what you look for every day. If you regularly work with brides, showcase your trash the dress shoots.

When you look at the videos showcased in the above two niches, you’ll see that they don’t create videos that sell what they do. Instead they focus on creating content that shares a little about who they are and what they look for – you can quickly find the talent and expertise, and choose to search further into how to use their services. [Read more…]

Are You Lacking The Right Level Of Confidence?

I’m working with a client who is building up a pretty large web presence. One of her goals is to start speaking, and wants to begin using a YouTube channel in order to give weekly tips, have video testimonials on her sites, and be able to showcase who she is all around the web.

We built her YouTube account up close to one year ago. We branded her channel, and it mimics the look she has on her site, her Facebook and her Twitter accounts. Yet to date, her YouTube channel remains empty.

As photographers, we tend to think of what we do in the form of stills. Yet I’m betting even with stills, you probably enjoy being behind the lens much more than you do being in front of it, right?

And when you add in the dimension of video, where you can see yourself move, laugh, speak and communicate, it becomes much more surreal … and scary.

The problem lies with how we normally see ourselves. In most cases, you see yourself daily in the mirror. Yet that is you in reverse. Its not the true you. So when you see yourself in video, which allows you to see yourself as others see you, it throws off your perspective. Your voice also changes. When you hear yourself talking every day, you hear it through your own filtering system. When you are recorded, it removes your filtering system, and you suddenly hear yourself as others do. In combination, that can overwhelm you, and cause you to doubt your true presentation.

If your goal is to showcase video on your sites, the only way to get passed it is to just do it. Create a video, and put it out there for the world to see. Just do it. You’ll always be able to find something wrong with it – you don’t like the background, or the way you look, or the clothes you wear, or the way you presented the message. Yet what you see isn’t what everyone else sees. They simply listen to your message without all the biases you have going into it.

When I was working on my degree, I needed a public speaking class in order to graduate. That class was my biggest fear, and I put it off until the very last semester. Being a public speaking class, we gave a ton of speeches. And with every speech we gave, every person in the class had to write down comments on a half sheet of paper, which we were given at the end of the class. Those pieces of paper taught me a lot about speaking. I expected my comments to be the worst: you have a terrible voice, what a dumb tip, your presentation was horrible. That’s what had built up in my mind over time. Instead, every sheet of paper had a positive comment: I loved the tip on ___, I love your necklace, great voice, speak up I really want to hear more about what you are saying. And by the end of class, my presentation skills improved a lot.

Today I speak regularly, and teach classes all over, including at a local community college. Trust me, I never would have predicted that back in college. I also can record a video with one or two takes, and look at it critically for the message I delivered, not for the way I look or sound. It takes practice. But once you stop looking at it from your insecurities, and get the general population to listen to what you have to say, you’ll be surprised at the results.

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12 Ways To Use YouTube To Market Your Photography Business

You’re a photographer. You should market your business with your photographs.

But what about video? YouTube is now one of the top sites online.

With those kinds of statistics, it’s hard for any business owner to ignore YouTube.

And while the most viral videos online are the silly, amazing or downright unbelievable, you don’t have to go viral to have success. What would a few hundred hits translate into your business? Possibly a client or two.

If you haven’t created your own channel yet, head over and do so. Its free and easy to do – take a look at my recent post 10 of the Best YouTube Channels For Photographers to get some ideas on how to set up a good looking channel.

Then start posting. Not sure what to create a video of? Here are some ideas to get you going.

1. Showcase your skills. Have your assistant video a few minutes of posing from a portrait, wedding or commercial shoot. Showcase your talents, and show off the finished image.

2. Share a slide presentation. You can incorporate a series of images into a dynamic presentation perfect for sharing on YouTube. [Read more…]

10 of the Best YouTube Channels For Photographers

Do you enjoy heading over to YouTube for a break – choose a video and get inspired for the day? You’re not alone. With millions of hours watched every day, there really is something for everyone. I’ve been doing a lot of research on YouTube lately, and in the process found some wonderful channels that you have to check out as a photographer. Know of any more? Leave a comment below – I’d love to find other professional YouTube channels just for photographers.

AJ Wood
Everything Adobe – whether you are looking for tutorials on Lightroom, Photoshop, or even Dreamweaver, these videos will give you hours of ideas.

Bert Stephani
Bert has been adding videos for a number of years; start with his Confessions of a Photographer series for some quick tips on photographing.

PeachpitTV provides a huge array of education and informative videos on a wide range of topics. You’ll find how-to’s on photography, and an interview series from some of today’s hottest photographers.

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